Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Strange Day

Several times today, I tried to post a video of our trip to Scotland. Maybe it is just too big or not in the right form or something. If anyone has any ideas on how to post it, email me.

I have had all sorts of brain rumblings today on what to write, but nothing stands out as great. Yesterday was such a strange day at art, that it sort of blew my mind. It all started out normal enough. Only two students showed up which is par during cold and flu season. I was working with D whose mom and sister had shown up early to pick him up, and we were talking. M got up to go to the bathroom. Then she said that she did not feel well. Not being the overly concerned type, I did not say or do anything. D’s mother asked M if she were okay. About that time M hit the floor. I still did not get upset. I just went to M and saw that she was not out cold. She could talk and was coherent. She had no serious damage from her hitting the floor. She was clammy so I took a cool rag to her head and neck. D’s mom asked if we should call 911. Both M and I together said, "No." I knew she was okay. We got her off the cold tile floor and she settled in on the couch with a blanket over her where she stayed for the next two hours. Her mother came immediately, but M just wanted to stay on the couch. It was all good with me. I hate being sick and I really hate being sick in front of others, but what is really the pits is when I’m sick and I’m not in my own house. But if M wanted to lie on my couch until she felt better that was okay. Through all of this, I did not get excited or crazed, but it was sure a different art day. It kind of clouded my mind.

Later in the evening we went to supper with my good friend Dawn and her husband, Shaun. It was really a nice evening of talking and laughing. Shaun grew up in Homer, Alaska. He has some great childhood stories. Dawn also grew up in Alaska. They have eight children and life is never full around their house. If you have not been to her blog, it is a good read. Dawn mentioned her magnetic poetry words on her fridge. Her family likes to make different sentences using the magnetic words. Dawn wrote down the sentences which made nice poetry - read it on her blog. Then she broke all the words up for a new set of poetry. I have a few magnetic words that I got in some junk mail from American Express. They can be lots of fun.

Since I could not post the video, here is a pic of GBN2 taken last weekend. She is now old enough to run around the farm, and she loved it.

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