Monday, March 03, 2008


In case you are wondering, there are no weddings in the future at our house. Although Jesse did ask, no one took her up on her Leap Day question. I think she only wanted the consolation prizes anyway.

Jesse told me that she wants to take up rock climbing again, but she does not want to buy the equipment. She knows that rock climbing is only a fling, and that she will eventually move on to other adventures. She is thinking about joining some Okie outdoorsman club so that she can find someone to bum equipment off of (why buy when you can borrow). I am beginning to see a pattern here.

On Saturday Jesse helped with the garage sale. She pointed out to me that there was a kid’s watercolor set for sale. It was tin, which meant it was an old watercolor set, and she thought I might want to keep it. A man picked it up and said, "Why this was mine when I was a little boy!" He flashed us a silly grin and continued on joking about the watercolor set being "the one he lost." The man looked homeless – skinny, dirty, ragged-clothes, unkempt long hair and beard, few teeth, etc. Jesse laughed at his antics which encouraged him to be silly. Later she said, "You know he was not the kind of man whom I would normally talk to. I would have missed his sense of humor and quick wit." Although I don’t like the idea of her talking to strange, homeless men, I liked it that she recognized that people are not always what they seem, and that she was not offended or put-off by the man.

On Sunday, Toby's mom and sister came for a short visit. We had lunch with them at a local Mexican food cafe. Toby, Jes, and I arrived at the cafe ahead of time with Toby's mom and sister joining us later. Before they joined us, TFNP and his royal family came in and sat the table behind Jesse. Later during the meal, The Piper leaned back in his chair and said something to Jesse to which she laughed and said something back. Toby's sister said, "Does Jesse always speak to strange men at the next table?" Hmm, I guess The Piper is a bit strange, but I hadn't really thought about it much.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

hmmmm...i don't remember going to the garage sale...but i assure you, i'm not homeless...i look that way because people give me money, and most of it tax free. all other descriptions are quite accurate. verification word is ykayq...if you work it around...kyyaq...i guess you could spell it that way.

Inquiries said...

While you are looking for a guy for Jesse keep an eye out for one for me too, ;)

Word verification. comgen
it reminded me of come 'n' get 'um'

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, I suppose you want an adventurous man with lots of money - so he can pay that million tax free dollars your dad is expecting.

Inquiries said...

That would be nice adventure and money. Instead of a dowry I must be bought - LOL. Interesting. Money is not that important ( a great plus) but adventure is or at least toleration of my adventurous side. Oh and putting up with my art. The mess and the abundance of paintings.

Buck said...

Hmm, I guess The Piper is a bit strange, but I hadn't really thought about it much.

I noticed it...but I wasn't gonna say anything. Until now. Now that he's verified it, of course. ;-)