Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Soon-to-be 4 Years Old

This morning I received "an unauthorized" phone call from GBN1. It took me a minute to figure out what she was saying, but it was something about "needing to talk to Crewcraw (Toby)" and being "under the bed." So I asked, "Lizzie, are you under your bed?"

"Yes, I need to talk to Crewcraw. I need to tell him sumping"

"Are you hiding from your mother?"

"Yes, she can’t reach me."

After I smothered my laughter, "Lizzie, you need to be obedient and go to your mother."

"But I need to tell you sumping…" Then I heard her mother in the background demanding that GBN1 hand over the phone and come out from under the bed. I heard giggles from GBN1. Then GBN1 said, "She got my arm." Next I heard my daughter-in-law on the phone, which gave me the freedom to go ahead and LOL.

GBN 1 will turn four years old on Thursday. I hope she can stay out of trouble until she gets her birthday presents. It would really not be fun to be in trouble on your birthday.

The summer we moved to NM, Jesse turned four. She had always been very independent and blunt with her words, but she found new freedom in NM while we opened up our café and were quite busy with work. She also found a new audience with the RR tourists. Once when we were really busy and shorthanded, I had her seating people at the café and handing out menus. A man came up to me, laughing. He said, "I just want to see a menu, but that little girl will not give me a menu unless I sit down." Another time another man asked her how old she was. When she replied, "Four," the man said, "Wow, you are just about old enough to be married." She looked at that man like he was just the smartest man she had ever encountered and batted her little eyelashes in agreement. While we were busy at the café, Jes often hung out at the beauty shop with her grandma. She was a big hit with the beauty shop crowd - Like the time that Jesse asked Hank Mutz (an old-time RR lady with a loud, deep voice) "if she ate kids for breakfast." Anyone who knows Hank will appreciate that story. Another time she asked a lady who was having a rinse put on her hair, "Do you like purple hair, because you have purple hair now!" Then there was the fact that my sister was a teen-ager when Jesse was four, and Jesse repeated things that she heard my sister and her friends say. That got both of them into trouble a few times.

They say that what goes around, comes around. Jesse and GBN1 have already been in trouble together more than once. With GBN1 turning four, things could get even more exciting around here.


Buck said...

Jesse and GBN1 have already been in trouble together more than once. With GBN1 turning four, things could get even more exciting around here.

Personally... I'd worry about kids that didn't get into trouble.

Just sayin'. ;-)

Inquiries said...

GBN1 is so so funny. The unautherized phone calls at Art always make me laugh. I was a blunt child too.

Becky said...

That was too cute! It reminds me of the old joke about the man calling home and his son answering the phone. The man asked to speak to the boy's mother and was told that she couldn't come to the phone because she was talking to the police. When the dad asked what the police were doing there, the boy replied, "They're looking for me!" (That is the short version. The original joke has firemen and helicopters in it as well.)

I gotta agree with Buck. It's when kids don't get into trouble that something is wrong.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I think I remember that joke, but around here that could be reality.

Buck, I understand what you are saying. Obedience is important, but some of the escapades show real intelligence.

Ashley, you are still a blunt child and you make me laugh with your thoughts and observations.

Dawn said...

that GBN1's just a real cutie patootie!
I can just see her under that bed all proud of herself and at how well her plan is working out, and absolutly no guile when she's seized, just keeps right on cheerfully reporting to her granny! She's a favorite with me.

Inquiries said...

I guess I am still blunt. More tactful but still blunt.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

She's Calvinette...two years prior...i think she might need a Hobbes... i wonder...will she name it...Hops?