Tuesday, April 01, 2008


We did some more yard work yesterday evening transplanting some indoor plants to bigger pots and setting them outside for the spring and summer making more room in my tiny house. The Grand Girls came over to see the baby chicks (one of Toby’s projects). GBN1 was willing to hold one chick, which sat there in her palm very calm before it took flight, and we all scurried to catch it before the dogs did. GBN2 was content to just look. She didn’t really like it when I took her hand and made her pet the chick. She was more fascinated with the horse later when we took feed to the horses. She called both the chick and the horse, "Duh" meaning "dog," which sounds a lot like her new word "don’t." It must be nice to use one word for so many meanings. I think we should just teach her to say "dude" and make things really simple.

Speaking of chicken wings (sort of) the Piper has wounded his wing. I guess he missed Jesse’s photos of the "Okie fun" on four-wheelers to which I say "Dude!" Part of the story includes Alex who owns the four wheelers and provides the fun. Anyone, who knows Alex, should know the dangers. He reminds me much of Toby, because he can do anything, loves to tinker with motorcycles, lives a little in the danger zone, and is prone to accidents and problems. Murphy’s Law could be called "Toby’s Law or "Alex’s Law." Alex has worked with Toby a couple of times on different projects and was in complete awe that Toby could have such a "bad day." A "bad day" could be one where you start one project, but you realize you need to fix some equipment before you can do the project, but then you don’t have the needed parts to fix the equipment, so you go to town, but you have flat on the way, but you took your tools out of the truck to work on the first project, etc. And somewhere in all of that there will be a "booboo" of some sort – hopefully one that does not require a trip to the hospital. Then there is the fact that Toby’s nickname in college was "Crash." Every time he gets on a four wheeler, I just pray. The Piper mentioned sharing "male bonding" stories with Alex. It is a good thing that Toby was not there to share his "war stories" too. But I will share one:

Jesse and Bo were little. Toby rented a four-wheeler in Red River and was giving Bo rides up and down Mallet Canyon. Mom and I were watching a two year old Jesse. Toby came over and wanted to take me for a ride. "I don’t like motorcycles" I said. "This is not a motorcycle" he said. "But motorcycles are dangerous" I pointed out. "This is safe and has four wheels" he said. "But I don’t like motorcycles" I repeated. "Get on. I’ll be careful." We went about 30 yards and went up the same little hill that he and Bo had been riding up all day. Unfortunately, with my weight (which is considerably less than it is now, but much more than Bo’s was then) on the back, we did not make it up the hill. We did a "Piper" rolling down the hill. The four-wheeler missed my head by inches (lots of mercy there), but I was scraped, gouged, and bruised from head to toe. Toby did not have a scratch on him thanks to all my cushioning. Of course, he jumped up and was horrified by what had happened. But the point is that accidents do happen. And when you are out with Alex, who has lots of experience and knowledge, things can happen and do happen – it is a law.

By the way, when Jesse showed me the photos from her four-wheeling with Alex, there were photos of Alex teaching everyone to pop wheelies. I very calmly mentioned to Jesse that it was very dangerous to pop wheelies on a four-wheeler. Her words: Oh mom, Alex knows what he is doing.
Yes, that's my baby on the back of Alex's four-wheeler. All I can say is Dude!


Course of Perfection said...

Dude! for real. I've been wondering where caution sneaks in. I can remember when that would look like major fun. Now, I look at them & automatically tense up & start getting concerned. I sometimes have to look away from my computer screen. :)

Buck said...

And when you are out with Alex, who has lots of experience and knowledge, things can happen and do happen – it is a law.

Ah... I think it's all about finding "the edge," that line between "safe" and "catastrophe." You need to know where the line IS, and probing the limits is part of finding it. The problem, of course, is the line has a tendency to move, depending on a lot of factors (e.g., weather, personal "state of tune," that unseen hole or patch of gravel, etc.)... it's never really fixed. Some people never fix the line in either space or time, and then accidents "happen."

I personally don't "get" four-wheelers, except as work vehicles for ranchers and/or forest rangers and the like. I think they're MUCH more dangerous than motorcycles... probably because since they have four wheels one presumes they're "stable." Hah.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, you are right about four-wheelers. They are very dangerous. There is a weight distribution problem and when they roll over on you it is much more serious than a motorcycle. But then people don't usually drive a four-wheeler down a highway at 60-70 mph.

Toby calls his four-wheeler his Japanese quarter-horse.

There are those who like to push "the edge" and those who play it safe.

Buck said...

But then people don't usually drive a four-wheeler down a highway at 60-70 mph.

I was thinking of dirt bikes in this case, Lou. I rode and raced 'em for years and had some rather spectacular spills and crashes... including getting run over once or twice in races. But aside from cuts, scrapes, and the odd bruise or two (hundred), nothing really serious.

Street bikes are quite another story. They can be (and are) dangerous as all get-out in the wrong (read that as unskilled) hands. You simply cannot be too careful on a street bike.

Kris, in New England said...

What a shame about The Piper! ATVs always just look so terrifying to me.

Becky said...

Funny thing that. When I was growing up, I did stuff that absolutely freaks me out to think of Cody doing. But then, if my mother knew some of the stuff my uncle let me do, she'd have been freaked out, too.

Junk Diva said...

Dude is right. LOl I have no room to talk, I have dare devils too. 2 to be exact, scary.

The Toby and Alex law, could also be applied to Randy. HHHMMMM...

Bag Blog said...

It seems that all vehicles can be dangerous and people more so.

Becky, I would bet we all have those things that we would rather not tell our parents about. That is why I don't usually question Jesse too much:)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

It's my fault, next time i'm just going faster! Alex agrees and said that if he would've saw me he wouldve told me to go faster.