Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Conversations heard yesterday in my house:

Jesse: Sally (not her real name) goes to those online dating sites. I might try Ebay.
Lindsay: You mean E Harmony?
Jesse: Maybe I’ll try that too.

If you know Jesse at all, you know she was just being outrageous - probably trying to get a rise out of me.

One to rival the Riley Line:
Jesse: Zoe (the Great Dane) went with Lindsay and me on or bike ride. She ran along in front of us until she spotted a cow in the pasture. She stopped right in front of Lindsay almost causing a wreck. You should have seen Zoe; she was upset. Her heckles were standing up.

Toby’s rant:
Toby: Did you see that Congress has called the oilmen to testify?
Me: What about?
Toby: They are questioning them about the high prices of oil and gas.
Me: I thought you said those prices were set by futures markets and not by the oil companies?
Toby: They are. Congress is showboating. Why don’t they drag those thieving bankers before Congress and make them answer some questions? Instead, they are bailing them out!
Me: You should blog it.


Junk Diva said...

Jesse is a riot, maybe instead of E-Bay she should just wait on Riley. Now that would be a pair.

I am with Toby, drag someone somewhere and do something.

Buck said...

I think E-Bay just might be the right (dating) place to go, myownself. Something along the lines of "one owner, low mileage, no rust, runs great, well-maintained... full maintenance records available."

Hey! I might have just written a successful ad! Or not.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I hear you can sell most anything on EBay. Your ad just might work.

Diva, Riley and Jesse would make an interesting pair - what only 20 years between them!

Course of Perfection said...

Your Line was great. Riley couldn't have said it any better.

Riley is 8. Poor Jesse might get tired of waiting. But just for the record, I will be thrilled if Riley asks to court the likes of Jesse. ;)

You need to send Toby to pow-wow at my family's office. They would gladly contribute on the subject of oil & gas prices.

Fire Fox said...

Gas prices here = $3.19 gal. How much is it there Lou?
Buck what are you folks paying?

Inquiries said...

Jesse is so funny.

See you at art!

Buck said...

Fire Fox sez: Buck what are you folks paying?

About the same as y'all...for gas. I run premium in my car, though, and the price was around $3.40/gal the last time I filled up. Diesel, OTOH, is $3.99 9/10. I really feel for those guys and gals driving big-ass diesel pick-ups... and there are a LOT of 'em in these parts. I'd guess the same is true in OK, as well.

Bag Blog said...

Gas prices here have been running around $3.15. One of the art ladies said her husband just delivered gas to a station for $3.20 meaning that it will be about $3.30 for us.