Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mean Streak

Both Friday and Saturday nights we stayed up past 11 PM – Oh my gosh! Friday night Toby and I watched "Jurassic Park 1 and 2". We had never watched those movies before. I’m not sure I want to ever see them again, but they were exciting – if you like dinosaurs. It is not easy going to sleep after being chased by Raptors and T-Rex. Saturday night Jesse had rented "August Rush." I had seen this movie at the theater back in December, but it was a sweet movie – so I stayed up with Jes to watch it. Tonight Jan (Yon) is coming over to watch movies with us. I have a good chick-flick that I think I will make he and Toby suffer through – ha! My mean streak has been showing lately.

Saturday was absolutely the best day we have had this spring. It was warm and the wind was not blowing. We went to a birthday party for Mashayla, one of my art students, and her brother. It was a big gathering of folks. They had one of those big castle/balloon things for the little kids to jump in – it was quite the hit of the day. We played volleyball – you know how I love that. While standing around visiting, a girlfriend of mine bent down to pick something up off of the ground. For some reason, I reached out and put my hand on her head – so she could not straighten back up. I only did it for a second – it was just a quick reaction – something my brothers did to me while growing up. I’m tellin’ ya; the mean streak was showing. I offered to get into the castle/balloon thing and wrestle if she wanted retribution, but she did not take me up on it. I did notice a twinkle in her eye that said she really wanted to wrestle.

Something else funny happened this weekend. I have been arguing on a blogsite over the El Dorado fiasco. I had left another rebuttal and gone back to see if anyone had argued with me. They had, but the funny thing was that I had commented under Jesse’s blog name, Skybag. I guess she had been on my computer and signed in. I did not even notice until after I used her name in a blog fight. I did go to her and confess my error – after I quit snickering.


Becky said...

Boy you do have a mean streak! Remind me never to get on your bad side!

Course of Perfection said...

We had to skip the party. Rye has the cough that Colt had for the last 2 weeks. I'm kinda glad. Colt's art teacher being mean? Yikes.

Tee hee on posting under skybag. If Jess ever posts anything regrettable, she can say "My Mom's been using my blog id again!"

Junk Diva said...

Art should be interesting this week, i'm feeling a little frisky myself. What chick flick did you watch?

What is your password? I may need to post something rude, then I can use your I.D.

Inquiries said...

Mean streak huh? I like your mean streak it is funny. What did Jesse say when you told her you started a blog fight in her name?

Mezzo SF said...

When Jurassic Park 1 came out in movie theaters, I was in middle school. I went to see it with a bunch of kids for a friend's birthday (accompanied by parents).
Scary movie! But the best part was my friend's stegosaurus-shaped cake...which happened to be a red-velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. So when it was cut was as if the t-rex had taken a bite out of it. It was hilarious...I will never forget that!

Fire Fox said...

I watched only one of the Jurassic movies... not my cup o' tea! I'm still stuck on watching the old musicals, black and whites and comedies like Lewis and Martin, Hope and Crosby. I did go see the Bourne trilogies ... very good action movies! But I'd rather watch the Sound of Music or a Doris Day flick!

Bag Blog said...

Fire Fox, I'm with you on old movies - I love them.

Mezzo sf, Nothing like scaring the bejeebees out of little kids! What a birthday party!

June Diva, Bring it on!

Ashley, Jesse said, "Are people going to be coming to my blog and writing nasty things?" I just blinked my eyes and looked innocent. Sorry about Lawton - maybe next time.

Becky, you are the one with the black belt - chances are I would not pick on you.

CoP, At art, your son gives as good as he gets - I love it!

Buck said...

I did not even notice until after I used her name in a blog fight. I did go to her and confess my error – after I quit snickering.

Too funny! I'm thinking I need an alter-ego for those rare times I get in blog-fights. I used to comment on 'bat-blogs, but I gave it up... bad for the ol' blood pressure.