Friday, May 23, 2008

Cats Again

Count Rugen is asleep in my lap as I type. He has turned out to be somewhat like a kid with ADHD (for some reason I want to type ADHTV). He is the biggest pest wanting my constant attention, but not wanting to just sit in my lap. He is in my lap, out of my lap, chasing, swirling, fighting shadows, crying for attention, and seemingly not knowing what he really wants. Then he falls asleep sitting up, and his little head slowly sinks to his paws. Harriet played with him for a minute, but she thinks he is a pest too.

Yesterday was busy with art all day. After the afternoon class, I wanted to just kick back and read my book, but there was a birthday party for the Diva and for Janice. I went and was glad that I did. We had a great time and the food was just pretty darn good.

Concerning yesterday’s cat post – I wanted to make it clear that I am not a cat fanatic. Cats are just cats. They come and they go. They are easily replaced if need be. I rarely spend money on a cat. But I do find them very entertaining, and I like to have one around. If you knew how I treated my dogs, well you might think I was a fanatic, but I am really pretty practical. I do understand that there are good reasons why people do not like cats. There are good reasons why people do not like dogs. Some people don’t like horses – each to his own. For me, I will give most any animal a chance. If the animal is good and not a problem, I will love it and take care of it. If it becomes a problem, it will be a gonner. I kind of feel the same way about people.

I have had people take an instant dislike to my rat terrier because they assume he is a yippee little dog and they "do not like little dogs." They won’t even give Ranger a chance to show that he is a really cool dog and not yappie. These people bother me. I figure their intolerance for dogs carries over to people, too. I have had people tease and pick at my dogs making the dog upset or they play tricks on the dog to make it look stupid. Are they trying to prove they are smarter than a dog? I have news for them; they are not smarter and they are the ones who look stupid in my book. I have also had people (usually guys) tell me how they hate cats and they like to torture and do cruel things to cats. I’m not very impressed with these people either. These are probably the same kind of people who tease and pick on children to make them cry or get angry. Provoking a child or animal to anger is just not impressive.

If you love me, you don’t have to love my dog, but you better be nice to him. You don’t have to love my cats either. They won’t care one way or the other, ‘cause that is the way cats are.

Here is one of the many pictures taken at the "ball game." This was just a silly photo opt where the girls dressed up in dresses from a second-hand store and then played all sorts of sports. This photo just made me laugh, but there are lots of other photos. I am sure I will post more and Jesse will probably post her favorites too.


Junk Diva said...

I love both cats and dogs. My feelings about cats are like your if your a good cat you can stay. I like cats natures because the are aloof and not demanding of attention. Dogs are like love me, love me , love me, I'm so happy. And I like that also. Cats let you live in their houses.

Buck said...

I love the pic, and all the others I've seen at Diva's place. All y'all have some pretty creative offspring!

Sea-gal said...

You know the old saying..." kittens, but they grow up to be cats." That's true at my place. The cuteness is gone when they decide to mark territory and walk over the furniture outside (usually freshly painted)!

Becky said...

That was an old Ogden Nash verse:

The trouble with a kitten is THAT
Eventually it becomes a CAT.

Inquiries said...

I am not a little dog person but I love Ranger. I love most animals. Especially the ones with a personality. I do like good cats. But I have not met very many good cats.

My mother had a cat when I was a baby that would let me lay all over it. It never hurt me. That is a good cat!

Dawn said...

Not cat people here sometimes not dog people either ( That would be Shaun, like when they chew his shoes, drop mice in them or pee on his tires. heh heh)
But I so love my Chester-poot!!
and Rangers alot more cool now that I have a small dog :)I can see the personality thing going on with them now, never took the time to watch before.

Junk Diva said...

Dawn; Now that your paying attention you will notice that Angus, is Archie Bunker and Erma was Edith, true story.