Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Area

Some new blogger friends, Jen and Trailboss, have been posting their work station or "blog area." It seemed like fun. I am a messy person, but there is method to my madness. I also live in a very small house where space is minimal.


Trailboss said...

If I am reading right you have had cows. I ask this because my neighbor has offered to give my husand and myself a Texas Longhorn calf. We would keep it until it was about 1 1/2 years then have it in our freezer. Do you know much about that breed of cow? Will one be ok with 2 horses? I need to do some googling.

GUYK said...

Ahhh, Longhorns don't make good steaks! But they do make some good Texas style chili..

And they will eat you out of house and home if you try to fatten them up yet they will do just fine ona pasture a Hereford or an Angus would stave on..

I don't imagine the horse will pay much attention to the calf..just be sure it is disease free..

Bag Blog said...

I had similar thoughts as guyk. Longhorn are a rangier type of cattle, but it is popular right now to raise longhorns for beef. Their calves are usually smaller, but they will grow, and they will do fine for beef (maybe not as good as some others, but it will work). Only grow him for about fourteen months - you will be happier with the outcome. A calf will do fine with horses. It is the horses that might not do fine with the calf. My neighbor has longhorns and his horses are fine with them. When we get the fences back up on our property, we are planning on getting longhorns. We had one old longhorn cow named VooDoo because of the black rings around her eyes and she was scary, but actually very friendly and had us two good calves.

Jenn said...

I just seen you posted your blog space too, I like seeing everyone's however most are nicer then mine!