Friday, June 20, 2008

More Busy-ness

Form the get-go yesterday I was in a rush to get things done. Toby had planned a big cookout for his office people and summer interns at Halliburton. He planned on fajitas and volleyball – sounds like a Baggett party for sure. Forty-one people showed up. It was a good time with the weather around 89. But it made for a busy day preparing food and having art class. I made the pico de gallo using about 18 tomatoes. I cut and de-seeded about 20 jalapenos and stuffed them with cream cheese for grilling. While slicing and dicing, I also held art class – one hot mama. Around 5 PM I chased the art girls off so that I could head to town with my food. We ate and played V-ball until about 8 PM. I slept very well last night. This morning I hit the ground running again to get us ready for our trip to Lubbock.

Here is my artwork from yesterday – still in progress. I did not crop the photo so that I could show you a bit of the progress. Normally I do not tape my paper down, but when I plan on really wetting the paper, it is kind of good to stretch the paper. To get the soft color flow, the paper has to be wet. My old art teacher called this style of watercolor "the art of finding the lost line." Once you drop color in, you go back and find shapes (leaves or whatever) and do a bit of reverse painting to bring out those shapes and lines. I love this style of watercolor. To me, it is a true watercolor painting – not just straight painting.

I was reading my "Cowboys and Indians" magazine with an article on the top cowboy songs (in their opinion), but one of the songs listed was "In the Real West" by my ex-sister-in-law, Tish Hinojosa. If you want to hear the song, you will have to google it. You know how I am with videos. Tish is certainly talented, not to mention giving me a wonderful niece and nephew who are also very talented.

I received a phone call this morning from the Piper. I will let him trumpet his news, but know that all is well with the Royals…and their new prince.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Your watercolor is beautiful, I wish I could paint. Now I'm hungry for fajitas.

Inquiries said...

Yes, Lou torture us all day with the wonderful smells of the pico.

Buck said...

...and do a bit of reverse painting...

That sounds like you're taking paint off the paper... right? Or is it something else?

Toby's party sounds like Big Fun... especially the food! Yum.

Bag Blog said...

Reverse painting is painting the back ground to leave the shape of an object. In other words the background color defines the shapes. After I dropped in color onto wet paper, it was just a mass of wild color. Rather than painting little circles for the grapes or painting leaves, I painted around them.

Catherine said...

You are one hot mamma for sure -- how do you do it all?! You're pretty amazing, Lou!

What a sweet (and so true) comment about Adam and Nina (and Tish!). Just more of that stuff that makes you that perfect, one hot mamma!

Hope you're enjoying the summer -- sounds like it!

Mezzo SF said...

Hello there! so here's a question - and perhaps it has been discussed before - but how/when did you seriously get into art and/or being an "artist"?

Junk Diva said...

HHHMMMMMMMMM........ My grapes didn't look like that. I need to learn to see better. Very cool.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words. We just got home from Lubbock and I am bushed.

Mezzo, I'm not sure that I am ever very serious about anything, but I think that could make a good blog topic sometime.

Catherine, we know who is the hot mama - it is the lady who runs marathons, takes care of my brother and sends cards on all occasions. I'm the one who is awed.