Monday, July 14, 2008

Hobie Catting

When it comes time to send the GGs home from our house or some outing with us, they "do not go gentle into that good night," but instead "Thou go like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon." Getting them to the minivan and locked into their car seats is often a chore, which includes some occasional fits and tears. Yesterday, they came over for lunch after church. After lunch, some friends showed up with their new Hobie Cat wanting to take us sailing. Bo and Sara needed to take the GGs home for a nap, and Bo needed to do some homework for his accounting class – so they could not go sailing with us. It was funny to watch Bo’s reaction. He hung out for a long time talking sailing stuff with our friends. He went out and oohed and aahed over the Cat, but in the end, he went like the quarry-slave, scourged to his dungeon. Toby, Jesse and I went sailing. It should not have surprised me, when Bo and his little family showed up at the lake later that evening. The GGs had had their nap, some homework had been done, but it was just too much for him. He had to get on that Hobie Cat.

Toby and Jesse enjoyed the sailing too. I could see the thought of owning a sailboat running through their minds – like they don’t have enough toys. Sailing is actually something they have both wanted to do. Jesse looked into classes before her Hawaii trip, but was not able to take sailing classes at that time. They have all talked about going back to Corpus Christi for a sailing lesson vacation - that might still happen. I guess it beats bicycle riding, but I am more of the "ride in the front of a speed boat with the water spray hitting me while drinking a wine cooler" person. Don't worry: I will cowboy up. Jesse took her camera and took lots of photos. I will try and post some pics from the excursion when I can get to her camera. Maybe she will post some pics in the meantime.

For whatever reason, Bo and Sara did not bring the girls to the lake in their swimsuits or water shoes. The GGs were okay for a while walking around the edge of the lake, feeding the geese, and playing with some dogs. Then, Bo let the girls sit on the Cat while we were waiting for the trailer to be backed down the boat ramp. Letting them get that close to the water was very exciting for them. Getting them off of the sailboat and away from the water was not done quite so easily. I don’t think they care about the sailing, but the water was fascinating. It was much better than just playing with the water hose. We eventually were able to get them into their minivan, although there were some tears. I see another trip to the lake in our future – this time with the GGs in their swim attire.

Today is going to be a busy day – I must get going.


Mezzo SF said...

I had to google "hobie cat" (I haven't been on many sailboats!)

Sounds like fun!

Knit and fall back in it said...

I don't like having to get out of the water either.

Becky said...

Hobie catting sounds like sooo much fun. I'm envious. Here I live practically next door to a lake, and I don't know anyone with a boat.

Buck said... I don't think God or man has invented a bigger money sink than boats. Power boats, especially. I've had friends and family who were devoted sailors but I never caught the disease, Thank God. The folks I speak of were "real" sailors for the most part, meaning they owned boats without motors. "Maniacs" might be a better term, now that I think on it.

I'm with you, Lou, when it comes to boats... right up there on the bow, drink in hand, once a year or so. other than that? No, thank you.

Bag Blog said...

Mezzo, I started to link the Hobie Cat, but I was lazy.

Amy and Buck, I don't really mind the water, but I do want to be cool - as in a good breeze and a spray of water hitting me. Yesterday was not the day for that.

Buck, I think our friend Scott is a bit of a maniac about sailing, but I just don't get it. Maybe if we lived near a huge lake or bay or something other than these mud puddles around here, I could understand the need to have a boat. But since Scott does have a boat, we can just share for now.

Becky, maybe you need to find a friend with a boat - go online and look for sailing classes. Maybe you and Jesse will meet the man of your dreams on a lake - well maybe not.

Inquiries said...

Your GG's are something else.

I love the water. I could live on a boat. But not on a boat on a mud puddle.

Buck said...

Funny you should mention that, Ash. I briefly, but seriously, considered renting a house boat In Sausalito when I moved to SFO back in 2000. I know you're on dial-up, but maybe when you're over at Lou's you can watch this video. These "houseboats" are pretty much boats in name only (but they are in the water, albeit with no motors or even gas tanks), and you live closer than close to your neighbors... it's kinda like a wet RV park. And they are UNBELIEVABLY pricey, even to rent. The cost was ultimately what stopped me from doing it... But like you, I thought about it!

Becky said...

No dice on the sailing lessons. I've looked, and the closest ones offered are down by the coast--a 5 hour drive away-- and a bit pricey besides. A sailboat sure wouldn't fit into my budget either.

If we get another Saturday off before summer is over, I may go hang out at the lake and see if I can get some good pictures, though.