Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Imaginary Kitty

There is nothing on my agenda today. I am free to do what I want. Of course, working around the house is always an option – a necessity really, but yuck. I find myself searching for something more fun and exciting. Yet in the end, I will probably be a homebody today. I already did my walking (not bike riding today) and made myself some scrambled eggs with tomato from our garden. I ran out of tomato before I ate all of the egg and had to cut more tomato. I could make myself sick on homegrown tomatoes.

Yesterday I stayed with the GGs from about noon until 4PM. GBN2 slept most of that time. GBN1 and I played and played. She has such an imagination – she reminds me of her father. When Bo was a toddler, he liked to play imaginary baseball. Toby and I would play with him as well as some imaginary players. Sometimes he had our adult friends playing too. He usually won.
GBN1’s imagination may be even wilder than her daddy’s. She would reach down and pretend to pick up a "color." Then say, "Pink turns me into Sleeping Booty." Yellow was Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." She would stand behind the couch and then rise up with her arm extended out to the side as in a ballet move. Without so much as a word, I was suppose to know whom she was by what color she picked up. I was not usually right. At one point she turned into a dragon – probably because she had been watching "Sleeping Beauty" earlier that morning. She breathed hot fire on me while I held up my shield (a Hi-ho Cherries game). Eventually, she turned into a kitten and remained a kitten for the rest of the day. I addressed her as "Kitty" which pleased her enormously. I petted her ears and scratched her back. She licked her paws and groomed herself like a real cat. She said she wanted to use the litter box, but I threatened to beat her if she peed in the floor. She meowed when she wanted something, but recognized that she would have to talk in order to get what she wanted. She said, "Oh, this kitty can talk like a girl." I thought she made a very good kitty. And yes, I did pour her a bowl of milk, set it in the floor, and let her lap it up.


Dawn said...

And yes, I did pour her a bowl of milk, set it in the floor, and let her lap it up.

That is so funny!, we actually had a similar scene at my house yesterday!
I'm pretty sure we had dogs though, and they do water not milk.
Yahoo for the morning walk!!!!!! I took mine too and you'll be happy to know I painted last night! finished the bird picture.

Bag Blog said...

Dawn, you go girl!

Inquiries said...

I used to play I was a horse. I loved horses. At one point I thought I need a halter. So I made a halter out of electrical tape by wrapping it all over my head and hair. That was fun to get out!

Jenny said...

Drew does the same thing, but thinks he is a dog. If you throw a ball, he'll go get it, and carry it back in his mouth. Kids are so silly!

Buck said...

I thought she made a very good kitty.

Finally. A kitty I could enjoy being around with absolutely NO reservations! ;-)

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Sometimes i like to play like i'm Tiger Woods when i grab a golf club, obviously by my score i have a pretty vivid imagination too.

Course of Perfection said...

Rye still likes to play like he's a dog. Yesterday, he was my pet husky. He had a water bowl AND cereal bowl for kibble. His name was "Sharp Tooth" because he likes to bite.

Sounds like a great day for you!

Knit and fall back in it said...

My niece turns into a kitty quite frequently. Unfortunately I don't speak meow, so communication is a little frustrating at times.

Bag Blog said...

Piper, we may have to change your blog name to "Pipe Dreams."

CoP, I can just see Rylie as a Husky.

Jenny and Amy, Kids are very funny - I wish I had half as much imagination.

Ash, there was a poem in the jr. high lit book about a horse frolicking and snorting and pawing the ground, but as you read further, it becomes obvious that the horse is a little girl. She comes home with grass stains on her mouth. I wish I could remember the name of the poem or the author.