Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Motivation is a problem that quite a few of my blogger buddies seem to be having this summer. It effects both my blogging an my art. Inspiration may be part of the problem, but for me motivation is just as much a problem as anything. Motivation and inspiration are different, yet maybe one can cure the other. Jo Castillo had an interesting link on motivation from Maggie Stiefvater who is an artist and a writer. Jo also had a link to her photographer son's new website. Larry Castillo is quite good - all you photo fans should take a look.

We kept the GGs last night for a short time while Bo and Sara went out to dinner celebrating Bo's finishing his accounting classes for the summer. He now has two weeks before he starts another class. You may remember my mentioning that he has a masters in Economics, but is working as an accountant and eventually will take his CPA exam. Like everything he puts his mind to, he is knocking out the accounting classes as fast as he can. Nothing like a little family to motivate you. Bo has always been that way - he goes all out for the things he wants, and is quite competitive. He finished his undergraduate and masters all in five years with honors (he must get that from his father). I am very proud of him.

Toby signed up for the Hotter'n Hell bicycle race on August 24th. He will do the 25 mile ride similar to what he did in the Dehydrator. Jesse may sign up for it too. At first I thought I might try it, but I seem to be coming to my senses. I know I could do the 10 mile ride easily because I can ride that around here without much training. But 25 miles...I don't know. Is it a matter of motivation? I'm just not sure I like bike riding that much. I just like the party at the end, but is that enough motivation?

Here are a couple of photos of the GGs in their little swimming pool. GBN2 likes to relax in the pool while GBN1 likes to pour water on everyone. Then there was the problem of someone letting the air out of the pool.


Inquiries said...

25 miles. In August! I'll pass.

Cute pictures

Kris, in New England said...

God I loved my little backyard pool when I was little. It was a LONG time ago, but I still remember the fun my friends and I would have.

GUYK said...

motivation..yep..two primary types..intrinsic and extrinsic....back in my military days I used that extrinsic motivation more than nce

Jo Castillo said...

Thanks so much for the links.. I did take the butt kicking to heart and did a sketch and finished a painting. Sometimes I can't find the intrinsic or extrinsic kind of mnotivation.

Thanks again...

Love the name of Toby's new race. Heh.

Becky said...

My friend Bill from Wichita Falls told me about the Hottern'Hell Hundred. He said that they used to sit on their porch and watch the racers pass by.

The GGs in the pool are too cute.