Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Country Art

This is a photo of a demo painting done by Janet Rogers. I wanted to show her loose style. I will show some of my attemps at looseness later.

My watercolor workshop is going well. I have met some friendly ladies and have enjoyed the class so far. Today we painted flowers, which were fun and I learned some things, but I am really looking forward to the portrait part of the workshop. Janet Rogers is a high-energy person. She is very pleasant and happy and accommodating. After doing a demonstration in the morning, she had us work on color "swatches" to discover new color combinations that we liked before starting flowers. She did several other demos through out the day. She paints fast and furious. I love it! Sometimes she makes mistakes, but she just shrugs and continues on. Most watercolor people tend to panic, but she is a very loose painter. I think this workshop is just what I needed for inspiration.

The day was beautiful at the Russell Farm Art Center, which is where Charlie Boren does wood sculpting or carving. The farm is very lovely - many of the ladies in the workshop are city folk. They were pretty excited about the miniature donkeys and cows. Yeha. If you haven't rubbed manure under your nose while branding cattle, you ain't no cowgirl.

Actually, there are some dang good artists at this workshop, and some friendly gals. I have discovered that every group has its anal folks, whom I avoid, but for the most part, this is a fun herd.


Mrs. Bear said...

Lou!! Watch out for those "retina" people in the art workshop!!!

Buck said...

The farm is very lovely - many of the ladies in the workshop are city folk. They were pretty excited about the miniature donkeys and cows.

One can actually get EXCITED about donkeys and cows? Wow... who'd a thunk it? ;-)

Your workshop sounds like the right thing at the right time. It also sounds like more fun than most people have in a month or three, too.

Becky said...

What Buck said about the donkeys and cows.

Glad you're enjoying the workshop. I read your post yesterday, and though I didn't comment, I'm with you on the traffic thing. I hate driving in traffic.

Bag Blog said...

Buck and Becky, The workshop is fun - I always find people fascicating.

Jo Castillo said...

Ah, how great. Enjoy the workshop! Your flowers look great and it must be fun. I don't have patience for watercolor. Maybe some of yours will rub off via the internet. :)

Fire Fox said...

I love donkeys and cows! (semi-city folk here) We had a little donkey that lived at a farm near my childhood home. We'd walk by every day and try to get him to come to the fence so we could pet him. Probably a good thing that he never came near... his teeth were rather big! Loved your water-color pic Lou... you so inspire me... someday.....:)

Bag Blog said...

I only wish those were my flowers - I should have explained better - those are Janet Roger's flowers! I will edit my blog.

Fire Fox, donkeys are just pretty cute, but I have lived near donkeys several times in my life. My son took care of the neighbors min-donkeys for four years.