Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funny Conversations

I don’t believe I have ever told this story, but if I have, it is worth the retelling. Years ago when we lived in Questa, my friends, Billy and Lynda, adopted a 13-year-old boy named Sam. Sam spent a lot of time at my house since he was the same age as Bo. He was as cute as he could be, but slightly behind in social skills, yet still very charming. One day Lynda took Sam with her to Taos for several different appointments. Lynda had an eye examination. Since she was 40-something she needed reading glasses. The doctor explained to Lynda that as you get older, your retina dries out causing the distortion of vision requiring reading glasses. The next appointment was with a dentist for Sam. Lynda had to fill out some paper work since it was Sam’s first visit. As she squinted at the printing she said, "I don’t have my glasses yet, and this is difficult to read." Sam, who thought he was showing his intelligence piped in with, "Yes her rectum is drying up." Although Lynda was horrified, we all got a good laugh from the story and still do to this day.

Today I had my very first eye examination. It went well, but the doctor was a hyper sort who talked at warp-speed and was difficult to follow. I ended up buying some very nice, but pricey reading glasses. Later I met Toby and Jesse for lunch and told them about my experience. The conversation went something like this:
Me: I had my eye appointment today and picked out some new reading glasses.
Jesse: ‘Cause your anus is drying out!
Me: It is "your rectum" not "your anus."
Jesse and Toby collapsed in laughter.
Me: Uranus is a planet.
Now we were all laughing with people in the restaurant turning to look at us.
Me: Anyway, the doctor was hyper and spoke so fast, I could not follow all of his talk. And my stomach started growling during the exam.
Jesse: ‘Cause your rectum is drying up!
We all collapsed into laughter again – we laughed until we had tears in our eyes! That is what I get for raising such a smart a$$.

Now, I don’t know if you thought that conversation was as funny as we did, but it just pretty special to go to lunch with your family and enjoy them so much and laugh so hard.

After lunch, I drove to Ft. Worth for my art workshop. The workshop will be held at the Russell Farms Art Center in Burleson, TX. This evening there was a demonstration by the artist, Janet Rogers, put on by the Ft Worth Watercolor Society – it was held in Ft Worth. I had talked to my sister, Kathy, earlier in the day. She was driving from Abilene to Denton. As I got into heavy traffic in Ft. Worth, my sister called. She was also hitting traffic. The conversation got crazy at this point. She was trying to tell me where she was, and I was explaining where I was, but neither of us knew enough about Ft. Worth to know how to find each other. I told her that I had just gotten off I-35 onto I-30 toward Abilene, but then I exited on Henderson. She said she was coming in from Abilene and would hit I-35 any minute and wanted to avoid it. There was a lot of "I’m on this street" "Well I’m on this street." Finally, my sister gave up and said, "Well at least we crossed paths." I was disappointed in not meeting up with her, but relieved that I did not have to find her in five-o’clock traffic.

I'll let you know how the workshop goes.


Buck said...

Now, I don’t know if you thought that conversation was as funny as we did, but it just pretty special to go to lunch with your family and enjoy them so much and laugh so hard.

Sounds like the classic "ya hadda be there." Of which I have MORE than a few! And yeah, most definitely: it's so much fun to share and re-live those insider moments with family. Friends, too.

Sorry you missed your sister! But I'm glad you survived the traffic. I don't know how to act in traffic any longer. It's been so danged long since I've seen real traffic that it kinda befuddles me. Old Age. It's NOT a pretty thing. ;-)

Jo Castillo said...

Laughing too hard to write.....

Becky said...

I thought it was funny, but it would have never have happened in my family. My mother would have freaked!

Bag Blog said...

Becky, isn't it funny what our parents freaked out over?

Buck, traffic is not my thing, but I had lots of time and just eased through without much panic. When we lived in NM, we once got stuck on a road in a herd of cows being moved from one pasture to another. Toby said, "It sure beats the hell out of traffic jam in Dallas!"

Jo, thanks, we like to laugh in this family.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

yeah Jesse has kinda made an exception to the "everbody likes a little ...but nobody likes a smart one..."rule.

Funny you should mention big city traffic...reminds me of when i was in The City the other evening...and for the first time ever, i think, as i was stopped at a 7/11, i took a look around and realized..."i'm glad we don't live here anymore." There are things i miss, but i'm glad our home is where it is.

Knit and fall back in it said...

I love those silly conversations that may or may not actually be funny to anyone but us. Those are the best times.