Monday, September 29, 2008

Cowboy Game

We had great time at the game, but it would have been more fun if the Cowboys had played better and won. It was a learning experience. We arrived early without having had lunch. The tailgaters seemed to have it down well - they definitely plan ahead. They ranged from the elaborate tailgaters with carpet and tents, coolers and food, games and beer to people sitting beside their vehicle with a beer. They were smart. The food outside the stadium was probably better and definitely cheaper than the food inside. We ate inside. Bo chose a footlong hotdog, Sara chose a burger, Toby and Adam chose Philly steak sandwiches, and Jesse and I chose barbecue. Jesse chose poorly - by half time she was sick with tummy problems and unfortunately we were sitting way up high and in the middle of a long row of folks. She should have had a beer with her barbecue - I did, and I did not get sick. The game was a bit boring - it would have been nice if the Cowboys had played extraordinary, but they did not. Yet, they kept it close enough to make us stay. The people watching was good. Our seats were great - right on the 50 yard-line. With the exception of Jesse getting sick, we had fun. This photo is for Becky.
This photo is for Buck.
This is a photo of Kenny Logins who sang the National Anthem. This is the gang. The guys on the other side of Adam were a bit rowdy, but seemed to be having a great time. I have never seen so many people wearing Cowboy jerseys. Does it seem strange that so many men would be wearing "Romo" shirts?


Inquiries said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Buck said...

This photo is for Buck.

Ah! Thank ya, Lou! This is the ONLY part of the pro game I find the least bit interesting... But then again, cheerleaders are ALWAYS interesting, no matter what the game is. ;-)

It looks like all y'all had a great time!

Becky said...

Oh, wow! Thanks! Can I keep him, er uh it?

Yeah, I watched on TV, and they just didn't play well at all. It was like they were all half asleep out there.

Dawn said...

Maybe I'm not really a sporty person but hey that really does look like fun, 'specially the food part right about now!!

Oh, and no time to comment on all the last post's but the sunflowers are beautiful!! I can't wait for you to move me out of my box with some of those fantastic techniques!

Bag Blog said...

Ashley, you should have been there - Jesse was not much fun and I needed a partner in crime.

Buck, Those cheerleaders are amazing flipping their around.

Becky, if I could have brought him home, I would have kept him for myself.

Dawn, a pro football game has to be more exciting than a race car event - surely.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Funny...does Mrs. Bo realize she is standing exactly the same way in both pictures? Its almost as if Bo just picked her up, moved her to a different angle and plopped her back down.