Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Stuff

Okay, I did not get back to you yesterday with a post. Sorry about that. It would be nice to say that I was just too busy, but the truth was that I just did not have anything to say. I still don’t, but we will see where this takes us. Although I have not been busy, I have been playing catch up from my vacation and my art workshop. My errands in Lawton went without a hitch. Normally, when I have my oil changed, I set in the comfy waiting room. This time, I sat in the shop where I could oversee the work on my car. Hmm, they seem to get done much faster with me sitting there – imagine that! Hobby Lobby was a bust, I bought a few canvases for my students, but that was it. I will wait until a better sale day.

The only big news is that I am starting my "younger" art classes again. On Tuesdays I teach the younger kids. Thursday’s is two classes of the "older" ladies. I also have two classes of younger artists that come every other Tuesday. This week will be the more experienced art kids – next week will be the beginner art kids. Yesterday I made lots of phone calls explaining this to moms. There is a certain amount of dread in starting classes, because I have to be pinned down somewhat more than usual. There is planning involved in each class and house cleaning before class. Now we are getting to the crux of the matter – house cleaning is not my favorite.

Earlier this summer Toby rode his bike to work some mornings (about 12 miles). Normally, he works from 7 – 4, although he rarely leaves work at 4 PM. With the shortening of the days, it is not getting light until later in the morning, so Toby switched his hours. Now he will work from 8 – 5. All of this was done so that he could ride his bike to work. This morning was his first 8-5 day. He still got up at 5:30 and showered and poured us coffee at 6. I was a bit groggy after taking an antihistamine for my allergies, but I was wondering, "what the heck" weren’t we supposed to get to sleep in a little? I can see there will be some wrangling for the bathroom with Jesse trying to get to work, too. I will just stay out of the way and drink my coffee and play at the computer. I will only step in if it comes to blows or blood.

I am loving this cooler weather. The days have been just perfect – not even getting into the 90’s. We are turning off the AC more and more. It won’t be long until I get to wear that new sweater, which I forgot and left at home while on vacation. Everywhere we went, someone would ask, "Did you bring your new sweater?" I felt rather silly admitting that after making a big deal about going somewhere cool on our vacation so that I could take my new sweater, that I had forgotten to pack the new sweater. I did pack my old "Scotland" sweater, so I was plenty comfy.

Since this is not a political blog, I rarely spout such stuff, but Toby has been explaining his views on the "big bailout." He explained that during the Great Depression, FDR’s plan to help the nation was met with skepticism (which I did not know) because it called for the government to take over in areas where they had not been before – they entered business in a big way. The courts even ruled some of FDR's plans were unconstitutional. Toby has been worried that with the "Big Bailout" our government is stepping in where they do not belong – in a way we become more and more a socialist country. Yet, he couldn’t really see any other choice. He did much more explaining about foreign investors and such, but I don’t want your eyes to roll back in your heads:) Something to ponder. Here is a link that Toby sent me on the subject.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

now...on to sports. That's kinda what i thought you were gonna say next!

I don't know if you caught this one from Doc but it was pretty informative. I'm not an alarmist as i know Toby isn't one either, more of a "just the facts ma'am"...but the earmarks are certainly there. Here's the address


GUYK said...

I agree with Toby...creeping socialism that started with FDR is no longer creeping but up and running. This trillion dollar bail out of Wall Street is only the beginning...the big corporations such as Ford and GM are already screaming for a bailout...the precedent has been established and if government does for one they will do for all.

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged" and where is John Galt? Maybe his name is actually Ron Paul?

Mrs. Bear said...

I wish I could comment on the political issues, but I just can't...I don't keep up at all...only the surface things do I catch. I'm sorry you forgot your new sweater!!! And I feel bad, I didn't even ask you about it! Some fashion friend I am. I am in awe of Toby riding to work...I started running today (well, I'm not sure you can really classify it a run...hummm maybe a jog or a crawl at the end) I know for sure it wasn't a hop or a skip!!! I ran 2 miles walked 1/2 mile,(because I thought I was going to die) ran a 1/2 mile and then walked 1/2 mile. I think that comes out to 3 1/2 miles of something. I hope I don't die.

Bag Blog said...

Anny, the bike is easier on your knees - and I know you have one. I did eight miles this morning, worked up a good sweat, and got my blood pumping. My face turns beat red, and passers-by think that fat lady on the bicycle might die, but they don't stop.

Towanda said...

I am just too angry that NO ONE has any solutions for the financial crisis, so I am passing on all discussion about it.

Weather -- I get phone calls from some of my old friends back in Kansas, and they can't get over how cool Kansas has been all summer. It sounds like Oklahoma is the same way -- you don't get many summer like that in the midwest.

Becky said...

I'm loving the cooler weather too. I missed the first day of fall yesterday, though. I usually mark it in some way, but it completely slipped past me this year.

Buck said...

Ah... I don't have anything to say today, either. I haven't posted yet and may not post at all today.

I spent my morning watching Paulson, Bernancke, Cox, et al, undergo grilling from the Senate Finance committee... on MS-NBC, of all places. No one else, not even C-SPAN, was carrying it... go figure. I'm with Sharon, in that NO ONE seems to have a real handle on a solution other than to throw money at the problem. But everyone seems to be in agreement that if we don't throw money at these illiquid assets, the whole system will collapse. That's pretty danged scary, when the Chairmen of the Fed and the SEC, as well as the Treasury Secretary all agree on that point. Yikes.

And I see the Dow is down again today. Double Yikes. But I got my errands run, LOL!

Bag Blog said...

Sharon, it was a much cooler summer than usual.

Becky, I once heard of a lady who celebrated the firs day of each month just so she could celebrate with her children. I like the thought of making the first day of fall special too.

Buck, Toby blames much of the crisis on Greenspan and the Fed. Of course at this point, blame does not matter. Fixin' is the order of the day. But when Greespan comes on TV and puts in his two cents on what the solution should be, Toby froths at the mouth.

Mezzo SF said...

I have don't much to say this week, either. And so it goes...ha. Interesting CNN link...