Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesse's Boys

You may recall this post from several years ago where I told about Jesse wanting to have lots of boy children someday. I think having nieces has given her a better love for girls, but we still tease Jes about wanting boys. She used to love babysitting for the Boyer family who had five boys (they also had three girls, but Grace was a tomboy). She took them sledding down the pond dam, and continued to sled even after the snow melted. Oklahoma red mud is rather slick sometimes. Then there was the time she played with the Boyer Boys at a construction site where their father was working. They were jumping off a wall onto large insulation rolls. When we started to leave, one of the BBs (who was probably 7 years old at the time) came running over to Toby, "Mr. Baggett, can Jesse stay and play with us. My dad will bring her home later." Of course we teased Jesse about being more interested in the younger guys rather than the ones her own age. If you head over to Jesse’s blog, you will see her in action with the younger guys again. She explains that she went sailing with the Sea Scouts. Although there was no wind for their sails, she and the boys on her boat seemed to have great fun. Of course, if you scroll on down her blog, you can see her in action with her nieces too.

Okay, I didn't really have anything to post of any importance, so I pointed to Jesse's blog. I will say that my art class went well yesterday - I love my art kids. Maybe that is where Jesse gets it.


Dawn said...

Jess never ceases to amaze me. What a go getter! and what fun.
It's good to see Art going so well, what a blessing you are girl!

Jenn said...

When I was young I always wanted 4 boys. Then I had two girls and then two boys and let me tell ya boys are so much easier to deal with! There isn't near the amount of whining and sassing and tattling and fighting with boys that comes with girls!

Oh lord, I bet I just jinxed myself into my last baby being a girl !

Buck said...

I'm of the opinion boys are easier to raise as well. But that's not from personal experience, as I don't have any daughters (but I have six granddaughters... FWIW). And I wish I did. Boys grow into men, but your daughter is Daddy's Girl... forever.

I still have memories of TSMP plopping herself in her father's lap at age 35 (and up) and his face almost breaking from the big grin plastered on it...

Bag Blog said...

Jenn, I don't think I ever planned my kids out before I had them, but looking back, I wish I had had more.

Dawn, I kind of like Jes - does it show?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, we must have commented at the same time yesterday. You are right about "daddy's girls." But I do think boys are easier. I'm glad I have both.

If it had been girls on that sailboat with Jesse, I doubt she would have gotten the same reaction. Girls are "cooler" with other girls. There would have been some who would have clowned around with Jesse and maybe thought she was cool, but some would not.