Thursday, September 25, 2008

Look Out!

I started a post this morning, but it was dull and lifeless. Before I could get it "fixed," I ran out of time and needed to do some house cleaning before art classes. You’re right! I just did that, but I live with dogs, cats, and pigs. One of the pigs looks a lot like me.

I only had one "older lady" show up for art this morning. The Junk Diva did not come, and I was sorely disappointed. I’ve been in need of her sharp wit and mean sense of humor. I’ve been nice long enough and I needed someone who can give as good as she gets. My one lady today was fun, but she is such a nice person, that I feel like I have to be "good." I can tease her some, and she takes it well, but I would just feel awful if I got too rough. As Toby says, sometimes you just need a good fight. Dawn did not come either – I have yet to test her mettle. Last night I got to spend a few minutes with Lindz’ mom before church. Someone had put a cake pan in her chair (probably something to do with the upcoming wedding) and she was turned facing away and slightly bent over. If you know how my mind works, you know what I did next. I picked up the pan and slapped her on the behind. Then I sat down quickly. She jumped and turned, but did not see me. Instead, she saw Mr. R standing there. She went from irate to a dead stop. Surely Mr. R would not have slapped her on the bottom…but who did? It took her just minute to turn completely around and see me snickering. Then she squealed and laughed, but I know payback will be forthcoming. I’ll be ready.

The younger ladies will be here shortly for their art class. Bwahahahaaa!


Dawn said...

I'll be there next week girl and you can test away. heh heh? Between you and the diva who has a chance!
In all seriousness, I'm bummed I missed today but I did get my checkbook back in order, woo hoo!
I can't wait till next week to get in on what all you learned down in Texas! I'm gonna get looking for something cool to paint.

Buck said...

You live with pigs, eh?

Did I ever tell ya about the first time I went away on bid'niz with EDS for an extended period of time... like two weeks? TSMP and I were having coffee at the dining room table the first morning after I got home when she sez... out of the blue... "I have a confession." "Really?" sez I, wondering what was next. "Yep. I owe you an apology, too. I always thought it was YOU who junked up the house and left stuff laying all over. But you've been gone for two weeks and the house was WORSE than normal a week after you left. It's ME..."

Well, Hell. I could have told her THAT! Life got a lil bit... ummm... tidier after that.

That trip was the first time in seven years of marriage (at the time) that she and I had ever been separated for longer than a few days...btw.

Becky said...

Lou, that sound exactly like something I would do! How had JD been? I've been missing her here lately.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I would like to blame the messy house on Toby and Jes, and they do play a big part in it, but I have to face it. I'm as much to blame as them. Here is the rub. I clean after myself - and them, too. Sometimes Jesse is a help, and now and then Toby pitches in, but I'm am the dominant cleaner. Doesn't that give me the right to be as messy as I want - I will clean it eventually.

Becky, the Diva is actually doing well. She is putting on the rehearsal dinner for Lindz' wedding, and therefore, is painting her house and doing lots of finish work around the place. I think it is keeping her busy.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

"...I feel like I have to be "good."" Wait...did i miss something? When was THAT? Its funny, i briefly thought about bringing the Royals over, but i didn't wanna harsh the mellow with all the hens.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think there is a "dominant cleaner" in the house. Just lesser shades of mess-making.


Bag Blog said...

Bo, Okay, maybe "dominant" was the wrong word.