Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crude Art

Here I sit at my computer and I realize that I may not be able to write anything serious today (I will wait for the applause).

Jesse and I are both still snotty. I think mine is more allergies, but hers is the "crud" in her chest causing her to cough. She can barely talk without coughing. Laughing is out of the question – she just cannot get enough air. Yes, she has been to a doctor. No, it is nothing serious. Mornings are the worst with both of us blowing our noses and coughing. This morning I woke up with a sinus headache which makes me not want to do much other than crawl back into bed. A good shower and some drugs worked wonders.

The reason I put "crud" in quotes is because Jesse used the term on her blog, but she had a typo and actually put "crude." I try not to correct her for such minor things, but I did point out that she might want to change the spelling. She did, but Toby and I still gave her a hard time about it. You can’t do anything around here that someone does not poke fun at you. We live to tease.
I have been working on a watercolor portrait of GBN1. I did this painting yesterday, but I want to re-do it today and correct my mistakes. Sometimes the first try at a painting is not what you had in mind. This painting has some things that I like, but lots that I do not. First of all, it does not look right. Second, I usually blow the whole painting when I try to do some "loose" background. The hair and face color is wrong. I seem to be having a difficult time with skin tone. I do like the red shirt and black cat, although they are a bit "tight" rather than having the loose quality I long for. If the second attempt at this portrait works out, I will show you later. If it does not work out, I will still probably show you. Stay tuned.


Dawn said...

It's nice Lou! I'm way to chicken to attempt people!! Good luck on the next try :)

Buck said...

I'm with Dawn: the fact that you can create a credible likeness of ANYONE, at all, just amazes me. Your talent is great in this space, Lou.

But, that said, I agree with you about this particular painting needing "more work." I only say that because I've seen a lot of pics of GBN1, and there's something "off" about her facial expression, as you've painted it. I'm certainly not telling ya anything you don't already know, eh? ;-)

inpassing said...

Hmmm...I have to agree with you on something being off. Now mind you...this is advice from someone who can't draw stick people...BUT...I think part of it is the hair. Your painting makes her hair look really thick, but it's thin. And her face might have something to do with she needs round high cheeks. Now how you go about me! I think the cat and the shirt are great. I'd like to see your second attempt. That would even care to see my first attempt unless they were ready for a good laugh.

Bag Blog said...

You are right about it being off - not quite catching the look of GBN1. Sometimes I just want to use her as a model - maybe not necessarily to make it look exactly like her. But sometimes, I do want it to be her. Sometimes I can't quite decide. The portraits that I did at the workshop were of The Piper's princes, but they did not look exactly like her. I did not mean for them to - I wanted to just use her "little girl face" for the exercises. Sometimes my hope is that it looks like a person and not an alien.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i think i'll take the other side of this whole thing...personally, i think its pretty good "little girl" likeness. After opening it up to a larger size the only thing i could decide was 'off' was that the eyes are disproportionate and the face is at odd angles with itself...kinda like when you cut two face pictures apart and mesh one of each half together. But hey, you saw my painting skills last week. I'm more of a sketcher.