Monday, October 20, 2008

Full Plate

Saturday’s shopping trip was serious business. Jesse and I were both worn out at the end of the day. We didn’t just go to look, we went to buy. Jesse was in need of a few items for upcoming social events. I needed a new pair of jeans (my main wardrobe item) and we picked up a few things for Lindz’ personal shower – girlie things. I also picked up a couple of frames needed for the art show coming up. It was a good day.

Sunday we spent time with the GGs. GBN2 becomes more of a clown every day making me laugh with her antics. GBN1 gets to be more of a young lady every day, but is still rough 'n tumble too. After supper with the GGs on Sunday evening, we made a raid on the storage unit. The storage unit is packed full of stuff waiting on my house to built someday (and it will happen). We dug out the Hoosier cabinet and a baker’s rack to see if Lindz needs either for her and Shay’s new apartment. We dug out the tent for this weekend, and we dug out the Nordic Trak for Bo and Sara. We brought home three boxes of winter clothes, which means I need to do some switching of the clothes. Why is it that one job leads to another job, which leads to another job, etc?

Things are getting busy around here. We have our annual church camp in the Wichita Mountains this weekend (more on the camp below). The next weekend is Lindz personal shower, which is kind of a bachelor-ette party, and Jesse is helping put that on. There are several other events surrounding Lindz’ wedding coming up. Plus, I am working on putting on this art show the same weekend as Lindz’ wedding. I feel like my plate is filling up fast. Tomorrow, I am taking a few of my art girls to Ft. Worth to the Kimball Museum to see an art exhibit from the Art Institute of Chicago. Yeha! A day with my favorite art girls and famous art to boot! It may mean that I do not blog tomorrow, but I will have lovely photos for you when I return.
We have been going to the Wichita Mountains for this church-wide camping trip for over ten years. Each year Jesse and her buddies have stayed in a tent together and made some sort of unique sign to hang on it. I think the first year the sign said, "No Boys!" After visiting the Lexington last year, Jesse made some sort of flag sign for their tent. She wanted to put "Request a pilot" flags, but thought better of it. They have some great memories. This will be Lindz last year in the "single girl" tent. It could be a tough weekend for Jesse. Here is another pic of a tent sign. Here is a pic of the girls way-back-when including Sara before she married my Bo. Chris, on the far right was one of my art students - she is expecting her third child soon. Where does the time go?


Mezzo SF said...

I love the Kimball!! Have fun!

Buck said...

Wow. I just read the spread on the Kimbell... and WOW. The Dallas - Ft. Worth area is the beneficiary of an EXCEPTIONAL display! I see it's on until November 2nd, and that plants a lil seed (which probably won't germinate, alas)...

Have fun tomorrow!