Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The weather has been beautiful here, but maybe just a tad warm. Today is suppose to be the last day for temps in the 80’s due to a cold front moving in tomorrow morning. Yesterday while hanging laundry on the clothesline, I had the thought: November in OK is like summer in NM. The morning was cool and crisp while the day warmed up to the lower 80’s. It is difficult to complain, but the house warmed up quite a bit too, because there was no breeze. I just refuse to turn the air conditioner on midway through October.

When Toby got home yesterday, we fed the chickens, picked a few more ripe tomatoes out of the garden and ate burgers cooked on the grill. It was such a lovely evening we decided to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, Zoe, the Great Dane, decided to follow us. She came running down the road after we had ridden off. It would not be so bad, but I worry about her getting ran over by some big oil truck or other idiot who drives extremely fast on these back roads. We turned around and brought her home, but it was fun having her run beside us. It was beginning to get dark, so we went for a short walk on our property instead. I had another thought while walking: you know you are getting old when you want to hurry home so that you don’t miss "Antique Roadshow."

Another thought: Toby and I have been watching an Obama campaign commercial that I have thought did not sound right. I had Toby listen closer. Obama says that McCain is not going to give any thing to the middle and lower classes, but that he (Obama) is going to give three times what McCain gives. Hmm, 3 X 0 is 0. Sounds like Obama is not going to give anything either. Pretty words can be deceptive.

I’m off to Ft. Worth and the Kimball Museum. It should be a great day.


Jenn said...

I hope you have a nice day ,it's kind of cloudy here today.

Fire Fox said...

Political jibberjabber. I stopped listening Lou... the stuff makes me crazy! It was 40 degrees this morning here... I'll take the warm up your getting any day! Sounds wonderful, walking the property!

Buck said...

I hear ya about the swing in temps in the Fall. While I don't absolutely REFUSE to turn on the AC in mid-October, it IS a rather rare event. But not unknown...

The One is swamping our viewing area with TONS of teevee commercials... on the NM stations (ABQ and Roswell). Not so much on the Amarillo stations, though, but there are some. All that frickin' money he's raised, and all that.

I have a feeling the next four years are going to be exceedingly long in duration. But I suppose I should count my blessings, as time really does begin to fly at this stage in life.

Becky said...

I love fall weather, but I will turn on my air conditioner if need be--even in January!

Yeah, I hate it when idiots seem to think country roads are their own personal speedway. If they want to be reckless with their own lives, fine, but what right to they have to put my life and my child's life or even my dogs lives in danger just because they don't want to grow up? Hot button with me. We get it all the time where I live.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i refuse to turn on the ac too...i'm so looking forward to a good hard freeze, though all those tomatoes i have left on the vine aren't.

Interesting little thought there...and hopefully, you're right...that does make me feel better about paying health care costs that those who won't afford it for them.

Bag Blog said...

Fire Fox, I could take some cooler weather and some more color. This weekend is suppose to get down in the 30's and up to the 70's - perfecto!

Buck, I will be glad to not have to see canidate commercials.

Becky, We have lots of big oil tankers on our roads. Some drive very poorly - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to drive those trucks, but some of those guys are just idiots. It is a hot button with me too.

Piper, Bring all your tomatoes in before the freeze. Wrap them in newspaper and put them away for a few days. They will be perfect.