Saturday, November 08, 2008


Toby took yesterday off and we went to WF taking the GGs with us while their parents went to OK City. We got an early start, because the GGs do better in the mornings, but get tired and cranky as the afternoon rolls around (so do Booboo and Crewcraw). Toby and I both had lots of errands to run in WF. Mine had to do with the upcoming art show. Not only am I getting my artwork ready and Jesse’s art work ready, I had to buy supplies and food stuff for the art show. Toby bought new hiking boots. Since I had to stop at Hobby Lobby, Toby had to stop at Harbor Freight. Mom and her friends were home from their trip – so we went by to see her. The GGs put on a show for Great-grandma and her friends. We also stopped by to see Uncle Pete. At one point, I told GBN2 to say good morning to Uncle Pete. She looked at Pete’s dog and said, "Good morning, Uncle Pete." Then she gave the dog a big hug.

It was a good day with the girls. I think we were all worn out by the end of the day. We got home about 8 PM. Jesse had a movie rented (Iron Man) and coffee made – we just kicked back and relaxed.


inpassing said...

The Uncle Pete first I giggled, then just thinking about it I laughed out loud, and the third time when I was just picturing her big blues eyes as she was saying "Hello Uncle Pete" to the dog made me just snort really good. I'm glad I was alone.

Bag Blog said...

Inpassing, if you think it was funny, you should have seen Pete!

Dawn said...

You must have got some good sleep that night cause you looked like you were right back in the swing of things with those GB's the next day!!
I don't think you need any energy from me woman, seems to me your kinda like that Duracell batteries bunny.