Monday, November 10, 2008

Working Weekend

It was kind of farm girl sort of weekend. Saturday was so beautiful here in OK, we just had to do some farm work. First we loaded all of the patio furniture up onto the flatbed trailer and moved it all to the barn. Jesse helped with this before she took off to the City for another bachelorette party with Lindz and her relatives. When Toby backed the trailer up to the barn and I got out to start unloading, I noticed that the picnic table was not on the trailer. My first thought was, "Gee, how did Jesse unload that heavy table without us?" Then I looked back toward the house and the picnic table was sitting in the pasture as if it belonged there. After Jesse abandoned me for parties unknown, Toby and I loaded three round bales of hay onto the flatbed trailer and hauled them to a neighbor in need of hay. Of course, Toby used the tractor to set the bales on the trailer, but then we had to push and roll them around to get them all to fit on the trailer. Then, of course, there was the unloading which consisted of pushing them off of the trailer and then pushing them into an up-right position. It is a good thing he married such a strong woman :)

After lunch, we started tearing up our patio. Jesse had started a patchwork patio with odd bricks and rocks. It was looking pretty good, but then we put a stop to it once we started thinking about building on to that side of the house. You might remember a post a few years back about Jesse and I collecting bricks for the patio. We found a man who had some old cistern bricks (solid red) out in his pasture that he was willing to sell to Jesse and me. We were pretty pleased with our find and were happily loading the bricks into the truck when we uncovered a snake. The snake slithered off further into the pile of bricks. No matter how good those bricks were, Jesse and I just could not seem to make ourselves continue digging in the pile for more bricks. Now we have collected several piles of bricks, and some day we will continue with the patchwork patio. For now, we need to focus on the addition to the house. While Toby and I were tearing up the patio, I wondered why it is that we always have to tear something up before we can build something new.

Later in the afternoon, we went over to the GGs house for fajitas and to watch the OSU v TT game. We left at half time. I kind of wanted TT to win, but I wanted OSU to give them more of a fight. Oh well, I was pooped and my arms were sore from all the farm work. I better get in shape if we start working on the house. It sure would be nice if Jesse could meet a strong young man sometime soon with lots of construction experience.

Here is a re-run pic of GBN1 and the Royals playing in the sand where Jesse was working on the patio.


Mezzo SF said...

...strong young man with construction experience..."
hmmm, you know...I met this guy last week. He's Greek and he's a plumber... ;) hahaha

Bag Blog said...

Katy, It is a good thing I did not have my mouth full of coffee, or I would have spewed it over the key board with your above remark.

Junk Diva said...

"It is a good thing he married such a strong woman :)"

Once again I will say "Toby and the Junk Hunk must be long lost bro's" Randy used to tell people he married me because I could carry a sack of feed.

Buck said...

I wondered why it is that we always have to tear something up before we can build something new.

I've often wondered that very same thing. Lately, too.