Friday, November 14, 2008

Great Minds and Mischief

Ashley was a great help to me yesterday in preparing and setting up the art show. For those of you who do not know, she is very organized (unlike me). She helped us slice and dice the foodstuff and put it on trays for the reception along with Neta, who is in charge of the food. We were cutting up a papaya that was absolutely beautiful – very paintable. Neta told us to squeeze a lime over it to make it taste wonderful. Never having had papaya, I wanted to taste the fruit without the lime, and then try it with the lime. Ashley and I each took a small bite. If you have ever seen the movie, "Big" with Tom Hanks, you can picture Ashley and her bite of papaya. It went into her mouth and right back out. Ashley said, "That tastes like a litter box." I was already laughing hard.

Then she went met me at the Hospital Education Center where the art show will take place. The hospital staff had not removed the large round tables and all of the chairs as they were supposed to do. Ashley was a real trooper jumping in to help. Being farm girls, we just rolled up our sleeves and rolled those tables out of there, stacked them in the alley and burned them. Okay, we didn’t really burn them, but it was a thought. At one point we had to go over to the hospital to talk to the person in charge of the Education Center where we are having the art show. Of course, the person was no where to be found and the young girl left in the office was of no help – a very sweet girl, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. The girl had her hair pulled back in a very popular, but not so flattering style. As Ashley and I left the hospital, Ashley said, "Have you ever seen ‘Ice Age’? You know the sloth?" I burst out laughing knowing immediately where she was going with this line of thought. Yes, the young girl in the office did remind me of the sloth in "Ice Age." I told Ashley she was going to be a bad influence on me and get me into trouble with those sorts of thoughts.

Back at the Education room, we set up screens and took in art all afternoon. Ashley was great at it! She was so organized that she made "check in" very easy. Then an older lady, who "always does the check in" showed up. She was irritated that Ashley was doing "her job" (and doing it better) and she let Ashley know about it. I was proud of Ashley. She held her position and was not rude to the lady. But I did laugh every time Ashley looked at me with her big baby blues and rolled them to show her thoughts of the old lady. Ashley definitely made the day go by with lots of fun. The truth is that we should not be allowed to run together because we bring out the mischief in each other. In fact, Ashley’s dad called to check on her, and he asked if I was behaving. Ashley answered, "No."
I stole this pic from Ashley's blog.


Jenny said...

Sounds like she's a ton of fun!!

Good luck with the show!

Becky said...

Way to go Ashley! She sounds like she was a great help and a lot of fun to work with.

Being farm girls, we just rolled up our sleeves and rolled those tables out of there, stacked them in the alley and burned them. Okay, we didn’t really burn them, but it was a thought.

Lou, I like the way you think!

There was a time when I could not let Cody sit with my cousin in church, because she would always get him into trouble!

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I should probably not meet your cousin.

Becky said...

ON the contrary, I think you and she would get along well. But you should probably not sit together in church. ;)

Buck said...

You've pretty much confirmed my impressions of Ash, Lou. I'd really like to meet her some day.

Inquiries said...

It was a fun day. We do get into a lot of trouble when we are together.

I did not tell you the best part. The woman who was upset I took her job spent the entire time telling me about her cats and how much she loved cats.

Buck: I'd like to meet you as well.

Junk Diva said...

Sounds like a good time to me. You always get me in trouble when I play with you, thats why I'm not allowed.. LOL Ash, is a fun girl.