Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch with the Girls

Yesterday was a "town" day. I had several errands to run including a trip to Wal-Mart. My DIL and the GGs went, too. It was a "learning experience" – no, not for me, but for GBN2, who seems to be pushing the boundaries these days. Booboo had to use the "teacher voice" several times. Still, I enjoyed being with my girls. They are coming over this morning too. Batten down the hatches!

I also went by to see Inpassing. For those of you who do not know, we share the GGs, but she does have two other grandchildren. She told me this great story on Zane, her 6-year-old grandson. At school he has been learning about the Indians and their roll in Thanksgiving. One of his buddies announced, "I’m half Indian." Zane replied, "Well, I’m half cowboy!"

Next, I had lunch with Jesse who was suppose to be meeting Reagan for lunch. It turns out that Reagan’s cousin, Farah, and a friend also showed up at lunch. Farah is drop-dead-gorgeous, and is also very entertaining. She and Reagan and Jesse had me rolling in the floor. Unfortunately, it was conversation that you really would have to have been there, but if you had been, they probably would have been more subdued. I can’t reveal what all was said. Let it suffice to know that it is not okay to marry or even date a guy named "Hale" in Oklahoma. How could any Okie holler his name across Wal-Mart?

I tried to post a photo of the girls taken at the personal shower, but blogger is not cooperating. I may try again later when the wind is not blowing (yeah right). But there is a photo here of the whole group of girls with Farah kneeling down near Lindz' head and Reagan standing on the back row - third girl with large polka-dots and Jesse sitting - second girl from left.


Buck said... is not okay to marry or even date a guy named "Hale" in Oklahoma. How could any Okie holler his name across Wal-Mart?

Help? I don't get it...

Great pic at the link!

inpassing said...

You obviously don't speak "Okie", Buck.

Bob said...

Hale, even I git that'n.

I'm surprised to hear that Zane's just half cowboy.

Bag Blog said...

Bob, Zane's mother is not a cowgirl - I guess that makes him just half cowboy.

Junk Diva said...

We have exceptionally beautiful girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!