Friday, November 21, 2008

Whimsical - great word

I’m ready for a "don’t mess with me" day. You know - that is when you don’t have to do anything for anybody or have to be anywhere at a certain time. My life is pretty free since I do not work outside of the home, but there are still obligations that I have to meet for family and friends. I love my family and friends and love being with them. But every once in a while, I just want to be left alone to do what I want, when I want, without answering to anyone all day. I just have not had a DMWM day in a long time.

Art was good yesterday because I love my girls and they make me smile. After art, I had to gather my art supplies and go to another Art Guild meeting. The AG had a visiting watercolorist who did a demonstration, and we all painted along with him. Most of the AG members are not watercolorist nor do they have watercolor supplies. So I supplied the supplies. The AG does not do a lot of watercolor things. Oils are the preferred medium. I do like to support any watercolorists in hopes of having more in the future. Last night’s visiting artist was a very nice man, but I was not impressed with his abilities. Whimsical would be the best word to describe his style. He had us sketch this house and then he painted it with all sorts of odd colors. It was fun, but as one of the AG members said, "It looks like a clown lives there."

Blogger has been giving me lots of problems lately in uploading photos to my blog. Then at night my internet has been so slow that I might as well not bother trying to look at anything online. I'd tell you more details, but it makes me want to cuss and I am trying to cut back. I'm trying something new as I type - we'll see.

Jesse is off to spend the night with friends in Ada tonight. It makes me think she is going into the "if I keep really, really busy, and run as fast as I can, I won’t feel sad or lonely" mode. She is much like her father. Contentment is the key here, but it will come. Sometimes you just have to work through the pain.
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Jo Castillo said...

Whimsical is a great word and it fits the house well. We have an artist near here that uses colors like that. Very popular and sells a lot. She teaches at Ghost Ranch in the summer, Paloma Hallenbeck. By the way, I like your house!

Kris, in New England said...

DMWM Day - I love it! I do that but never called it that.

We all need quiet, private time every so often. It recharges us and makes us much better company.

I'm fortunate to have a entire room in my house devoted to that philosophy - I call it my Sanctuary. It's just a spare room that doubles as a guest room when needed. Otherwise it's mine - decorated by me and filled with all the things that are sacred to me. It's the most peaceful place in my house and I retreat in there when the world gets to be too much.

mlh said...

Beautiful house!

Junk Diva said...

I want a DMWMW day. I need those on occasion, I need one now, but the Junk Hunk is on vacation, so work, work, work, is the order of the week. THEN, I am going to have one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buck said...

I just want to be left alone to do what I want, when I want, without answering to anyone all day.

Hmmm. I have a LOT of those days. Oh, Hell...why beat around the bush? EVERY day is one of those days. I have no desire, need, or intentions of changing it, either.

Nice house! Looks Mediterranean, to me. I really like your watercolors, Lou. I think you do great work in that medium.

Becky said...

Love the house, Lou. Makes me wish for a vacation at the beach.

RJ said...

Hey, were you ready for a "don't mess with Oklahoma day" today? Ah, it went so much prettier than I thought it would. And you know, I love ya, Lou, so I'm just messing with you. Sorry for your loss but I'm soooo happy for our win. BOOMER SOONER