Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More on the Wedding

I wanted to explain a little more about Lindz’ wedding since other bloggers like Jesse and the Piper have mentioned the wedding. It was a unique wedding in many ways. If you remember Lindz had about ten bridesmaids. They walked down the aisle in twos wearing dark blue dresses – each dress was different because each girl bought her own dress. The bridesmaids lined up on risers like a choir behind the preacher. There were three young men, Lind’z close friends and relatives, wearing lime-green shirts who joined the bridesmaids on the risers. Then the groom and his two groomsmen, wearing dark tux/suits, stood in the normal positions. Jesse, Reagan and Kat walked down the aisle individually wearing green dresses. I guess you could call them the maids of honor. Rather than have the usual wedding music, we all sang praise songs along with the band. Two ring bearers carried little pillows with the wedding rings. One of the ring boys was Rylie, whom Lindz used to baby sit and is the son of CoP. Then came four flower girls, because if one sister or cousin is involved all need to be involved. Jesse said the flower girls played games like "duck, duck, goose" while waiting for the wedding to begin, and kept everyone entertained. They were wearing blue dresses. Next Emma, who is just a pretty special little girl, walked down the aisle ringing a big bell announcing, "The bride is coming!" Then Lindz came in looking absolutely beautiful in her "mermaid" style dress with a long train and beige sash. Many different men including Toby, who were special to Lindz, escorted her down the aisle. Each took a few steps and handed her off to the next man. You see, Lindz’ father chose not to attend the wedding for petty, selfish reasons. The men in our church stepped in to make things special for Lindz. And it was very special.

Now, if you have never been to one of Reggie’s wedding ceremonies, you have really missed something. Reggie doesn’t just do the usual "do ya, do ya" wedding, he goes into detail about covenant – what it means to walk together in marriage before God and witnesses. At one point, Reggie had to stop because he teared up saying Lindz was "like his own." This was no impersonal wedding ceremony.

And of course there was the dance afterwards. There were lots of fathers and daughters, husband and wives, brothers and sisters, and lots of little girls dancing together. Then there were many line dances. I danced to something called the "Cha-cha, cha Slide" – the dance floor was packed. Several other women and me put out food that the women of our fellowship had prepared. Rather than having one big cake, Lindz had little tiny cakes on different pedestals decorating the tables. One cake had a little bride and groom sitting on the edge of the cake. It was so simple, and yet the whole thing was so elegant. What really made the wedding so special was the bond of unity, which is difficult to explain if you have never experienced it.

Jesse has a few more photos on her blog. Hopefully, I can find some really nice pics of Lindz and Shay to share sometime.


Towanda said...

Thanks for all the details about the wedding -- we never tire of wedding stories and descriptions, do we?

What a shame that Lindz's father did not attend. I am sure this is something he may come to deeply regret in years to come -- he will never get another chance to see his daughter get married.

I am glad to hear Jesse is doing better. It takes a while...

Bless you for all the hard work you did -- bypassing most of the party to help pull things off in the background.

Skybag said...

Correction - she had 17 bridesmaids include the three of us (not including the three bridesmen) Pandemonium!

Jenny said...

Wow!! Sounds like a really unique wedding!! One that will be remembered for sure. I love different weddings.

Buck said...

I'm with Sharon on the subject of Lindsay's father... as a matter of fact I'm just flabbergasted. I'm certain "petty and selfish" doesn't BEGIN to describe the situation. How very, very sad.

But. One shouldn't focus on the negative. The positive aspects of Lindz' wedding sound simply brilliant. Well told, Lou.