Monday, December 15, 2008

The Sleep Over

Although my son has a Masters degree in economics, he has been taking accounting classes so that he has a more useful degree – there is just not a big demand around here for economic majors. He finished the semester on Thursday and took his beautiful wife out on a date Friday night while we kept the GGs. The girls were quite excited about spending the night with Booboo and Crewcraw. Toby picked the GGs up after work and brought them home with him. We fed chickens and horses to the delight of the girls. For the first time, we set GBN2 on Goldie, her daddie’s old roping horse. GBN2 did this wonderful little chuckle when we put her on the horse. I took several pictures and will try to post them somehow. After supper, we watched a movie. Then the party started.

I’m not sure what happens when you put three girls in one bed, but the giggle boxes turn on. Jesse had bailed on us and gone to spend the night with Reagan. So I put the GGs in Jesse’s bed. I ended up joining them because GBN2 had never slept in a big bed (only her crib). Both girls were thrilled to be in Jesse’s bed with Booboo. GBN1 erupted into giggles when I said that GBN2 was a bed hog and needed to scoot over. Little feet and elbows were everywhere. GBN2 kept raising up and saying something, but I could not understand her.
Me: I don’t know what she is saying.
GBN1: I shink she said, ‘Cat poop.’
Me (erupting in giggles): I don’t think she said "cat poop."
GBN1: I shink so!
Later when I told their mother about the conversation, she said that GBN2 said something about her "crib" but that it sounds a lot like "cat poop."

That was the beginning of the night. It took a while for the girls to wind down and fall asleep. When they finally did, they became like puddles of butter, melting all over the bed. Since there was little room for me, I moved back into my own bed with Toby. About 2 AM, GBN1 woke up crying that her legs hurt. I moved back in to Jesse's bed to rub her legs. Of course she woke up GBN2. Then Zoe, the Great Dane, came in to see what the commotion was. It was like a circus in Jesse’s room. At that point, we separated the girls and sent GBN1 to sleep with Crewcraw while I slept with GBN2. For over 30 minutes I could hear GBN1 chattering away rather than sleeping. It kept both GBN2 and I awake. When GBN1 got quiet, it was another 30 minutes before GBN2 quit flopping like a fish. It was a long night.

After a breakfast of "chicken eggs" and bacon, we took the girls home, which was not to their liking, but had to be done. Toby and I did some Christmas shopping. Later that evening, I took Toby to a "silent dinner" put on by my American Sign Language class. Several families from the deaf community attended and were very interesting to communicate with. I have a long way to go in learning sign language. Each class performed a song in sign, but the real treat came when our teacher (who is deaf) performed a song. It was the most beautiful, graceful, moving Christmas carol I have ever seen. I want to be able to "sing" like that someday!


Buck said...

Wow... sounds like Friday night was a long one... but you said as much! You and Toby are so good to your kids, Lou. A night out (sans children) is a wonderful present!

I'm surprised Jess bailed on ya. But then again, you've always said she's pretty smart! ;-) <=== evil grin.

Inquiries said...

Your GGs are so funny.

Becky said...

I used to hate having to sleep with my sister. She was just like that!

Fire Fox said...

knees and elbows... yes, I remember when...! I used to lie down with my daughter on those nights when bad dreams came to visit.... I always woke up bruised and exhausted!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I didn't raise a dummy. I did raise a meanie, though.

Ashley, you should have heard GBN1's nighttime prayer - ...let me have fun at Booboos, and help me to be obediant.

Becky, I always slept alone in my own bedroom, and I have never slept well with my own kids.

Alison, I hear you on sleeping with your children!

Mezzo SF said...

hahaha I remember visiting my grandma and it was a big treat to sleep in the Big Bed in her room and be bedfellows. I tried to be a good one, but I think I kicked a lot...