Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slippery Steps

I slid out the back door yesterday – literally. I took one step, and was on the steps sliding down before I knew what was happening. It was similar to sliding into home plate, but much more painful. I had a flower vase in my hand, which I did have the sense to throw far away from me before I broke it on the cement steps. The steps were so slick with an invisible layer of ice that I slid all the way to the ground before I came to a complete stop. It is times like that when you are not sure if you want to laugh or cry. Since no one witnessed my fall, I just picked myself up, dusted off the dirt, and made my way around to the front door rather than attempting the back steps again. Although the front door was locked, I found a key in my car. There was no way I was going to crawl up those back steps. I was suppose to be cleaning the house since a friend was coming over to get me to cut a mat for her. She arrived soon after the slide/fall, but did not give much sympathy. My art students came an hour or so later, and they did not give too much sympathy either. When Toby got home, he offered more sympathy; of course, he knows which side of his bread is buttered. Is that the right saying?

I did not post yesterday, although I started to tell you about the very nice meal we had at two of Jesse’s coworkers’ house. It was the house that I was most impressed with (the boys did put on a great meal). One of the coworkers had bought a brand new house to live in while he works for Halliburton. The other young man was rooming with him probably to help with house payments. I guess I was expecting the usual bachelor apartment, but it was a super nice house. He said his girlfriend had done the décor and the furniture was hand-me-down, but wow, it was very nice. Sometimes I forget that I do not live like a normal person – whatever "normal" is. Our house is small, not finished, and well, a bit different. Jesse and Toby and I laughed all the way home after supper – teasing each other about our single bathroom, the lack of closets, carpet, and such. I hope we didn’t seem to awe-struck while looking through the bachelor house. I am sure we looked like Okie hicks. So we beat their socks off in a game of Trivial Pursuit to show that we were not really as stupid as we seemed.

We are planning on building on to our little house, although it is very comfy and suits us well enough. But when I saw the very nice house that two bachelors live in, I was reminded that most people would think that house was normal, and that my house was "abby normal." Sometimes Toby and I think it would all just be easier to buy a nice house in town and live like other people. I cringe at the thought of neighbors so close and making-do with a house designed by someone else. No, I can wait for my dream house. It may be more like something someone from NM would live in, but it will be exactly what I have always wanted. It will be similar to my house in Questa with big open areas, high ceilings, Mexican tile, etc. It will be worth the wait.
I was able to add this photo today - who knows why! It is of the GGs and Toby feeding the horses.


Inquiries said...

Ouch! I'll give you sympathy! When you fall down in the cold it seems to hurt more!

Kris, in New England said...

Sympathy by the boatload here! I have a really bad back and hip and I'm always afraid of slipping & falling. I've done it in the past (hence the bad back & hip) and I know how painful it is. Hope you are doing better as the day progresses.

As for your dream house- can I come live with you when you build it? It sounds gorgeous!!!

Buck said...

Lotsa sympathy here, too. Falling down icy concrete stairs is danged painful.

re: Bachelor houses/living. I lived in a few Animal Houses as a young single man and more upscale places (with fixed addresses) as a much older single man. First-time guests in those later places always had the same sort of reactions... i.e., incredulity that a man could live alone and NOT live in a pit. I guess that's "low expectations" at work, eh?

I won't talk about my current living arrangement, LOL!

Becky said...

I'll give you sympathy, too! I'm glad you're ok!

Jo Castillo said...

Lots of sympathy from here. Ouch and ouch.... Glad you are OK. Sounds like I would like to live in your house, too. Better make some bigger plans for us readers.

What fun with the girls. You are a great granny.

Suldog said...

Thanks for stopping by my place, and for the kind words over at Buck's.

Sorry to hear about your slippage. Hope you feel well. God bless.