Friday, January 02, 2009

San Antonio

Jesse and I are in San Antonio enjoying the River Walk and the weather. It has been very pleasant with temps reaching 70. Today it is suppose to be up to 80. We arrived on New Year's Eve and hit the River first thing after checking in. We Had a bite to eat and then drank a big margarita. It was a mistake. The margarita was wonderful, but it gave us that relaxed sleeping feeling. We walked around and went over to La Villita where several bands had set up along with some carnival rides and games. We danced to some band that was old time rock-n-roll. By 9 PM we were bushed and ready for bed. It was beginning to be very crowded. Although we were having a great time, we headed back to the hotel and to our beds. I heard the crowd at midnight, and thought, "Happy New Year to all." and went back to sleep.

Life with Jesse is never dull. Her word confusion always cracks me up:
Jes: The rig is up!
Me: What?
Jes: I mean the gig is up.
Me: You have been working for Halliburton too long.
After drinking that huge margarita, Jesse said her legs felt numb as we started walking down the River. She reached to take my arm for support and said, "I need a flapper. I mean a flipper."
Yesterday we did some shopping and site seeing. I will tell more about the experience later, but I did want to mention to Jo that we met Susan Carlin and had a very nice time at her gallery. More later.


Jenny said...

How fun! While your having a margarita for Buck, have one for me too! I bet the River Walk is beautiful all lit up for Christmas!

Becky said...

Jesse always cracks me up! Have a great time in San Antonio.

P.S. I didn't make it until midnight either. I told Cody to greet the new year for me and went to bed sometime after 10:30.

Nancigail said...

If you get the chance....we're just under an hour north in SM! We'll be open at 4pm on Fri, the 2nd, & would love to see you girls!
Yes, the River Walk is beautiful during the holidays! Have fun & make some great memories!
Happy New Year & God Speed

Dale said...

Too funny!! Did you girls make it to the VA of Wilford Hall to visit the veterans? Hope you guys have a great 2009!!!

Buck said...

Jes: The rig is up!
Me: What?
Jes: I mean the gig is up.

Bzzzzt! The jig is up, LOL!

It looks and sounds like you're having a great time, Lou! There's a way-cool Irish pub just beyond the hotel in the picture you posted, if memory serves. I didn't try the margs there for what should be obvious reasons, but the Guinness on tap is good. Well, one pint is, anyhoo. Never was much of a Guinness fan.

Have fun!!

Bag Blog said...

Jenny, we drank one for you yesterday.

Dale, we did not get to the VA. In fact, we have not been in our car since we parked it. We have stayed in the downtown area walking everywhere we have gone. I was not sure how our time would go.

Buck, Jesse and I both lol when we read your comment. You should be here to give intelligence to the team.

Becky, we are having - making memories.

Nancigail, I think we are headed up to Fredricksburg today (unless things change) and then on home. Craig is getting married in April in Austin so we will be back and try to come see you then.

Jo Castillo said...

How cool it that, to meet Susan. She is a great art buddy! Sounds like SAT treated you well. Enjoy the hill country on the way home. Maybe we will meet you sometime. Only 40 miles to Austin from here and we will be in there many times in April for baseball!

Happy New Year!