Saturday, January 03, 2009

More San Antonio

Jesse and I have each been taking a gazillion pictures with our cameras. Most of the ones of me are on her camera. Posting pics is tricky - moving photos around from computer to camera and such. It can be done, but it is time consuming and Jes is difficult to pin down. She is not the dedicated blogger that I am :) Here is a photo of her at Starbuck’s – we needed a pick-me-up. We hit the Mercado this morning and bought lots of souvenirs to take home to the GGs and such. We ate lunch at La Margarita and we drank margaritas – the best! Here is another pic just because I can post pics from this connection and I cannot from mine at home.


Bob said...

Thanks for going to all the bother it took to share the photos. Jess is a beautiful young lady and the River Walk makes a perfect backdrop.

Becky said...

Nice pictures. San Antonio is a beautiful city.

Buck said...

Looks like it's cool out. 50s? 60s? I like cooler weather when I'm doing a lot of walking about... much more comfortable than in the summer.

The composition in your second shot is just dead-on perfect. Both you and Jess have the artist's eye and it most definitely shows in your photos. I also see there's an airperson lurking just beneath Jess' left leg, LOL!

Ah. You're making me wonder why the Hell it is I'm still in P-ville when I could be in San Antone... {sigh}

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou,

I stumbled upon your blog and couldn't believe it!! I sent you an email but perhaps spam blockers kicked it out. It's nice to be reading about you and your family. Also brings back memories. I have been smiling alot remembering you. Hope to hear from you soon. Susie

Towanda said...

Hi Lou ...

Thanks for posting the pictures of your trip to San Antonio. It's one of my past hometowns (1970 - 1979) and we don't get back there very often, so I love seeing the pictures!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

ya know...OKC's Bricktown is cool and all with the canal... but SA, IMO, will always have the scales tipped its way in history and sheer coolness.

Inquiries said...

Looks like you guys are having fun!!!!!!!

Catherine MacDermott said...

Wow...can't believe you were in SA on New Year's Eve .. so were we! Wish we had known so we could have slammed back one of those monster margaritas with you on the River Walk.

Looks like you gals had a wonderful mini-vacation! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Happy New Year! Love,

Bag Blog said...

Bob, thanks - Jesse is a beautiful young lady and lots of fun. I have a "Jesse story" for you, but she would kill me if I blogged it.

Buck, San Antonio made beautiful pictures - how could anyone mess that up. Although, Jesse did get on to me for taking her picture in front of the Alamo and getting too much ground and not enough sky. "Whatever" was my reply to her.

Susie, I have not been able to get to my email while in San Antonio, but expect an email shortly. Great to hear from you!

Towanda, we lived in San Marcos in 78 to the end of 79 when my husband gradutated SWTSU. Those were good times.

Piper, just another one of those things that Texas does better than OK.

Catherine, I'm sorry for missing you, but I will email you soon.