Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Report

On Friday, I joined three other ladies for a little watercolor painting and lunch. We met at the home of one of the ladies. She and her husband have only been in their home for two weeks – it was brand spankin’ new and quite gorgeous. She and her husband have lived overseas in India, Malaysia, and the Middle East in past years. Thanks to Halliburton, they were able to collect quite an assortment of items and furniture from their travels and have them shipped home. It was all very impressive. After touring the new house and oohing and ahhing over the collection, we broke in the new studio with some watercolor painting. Their new home overlooks Waurika Lake and the view was lovely even in the dead of winter. Over all, I had a great time, but I did stay longer than I intended. I met Toby for a last minute shopping trip to Wal-Mart for our supper with Lindsay and Shay. I called Jesse late in the afternoon to ask her to set out the steaks. I heard some under-her–breath grumbling about me not being home to clean house and get ready for our guests. As I hung up the cell phone, I snickered. I knew we had plenty of time before Lindz and Shay showed up to clean house and prepare supper – especially if Jesse was helping – all part of the plan. When I got home, she had done quite a bit of cleaning, and was quite the martyr-in-training. I snickered some more.

Supper with Lindz and Shay was quite wonderful and enjoyable. Toby grilled steaks outside. I roasted potatoes with little onions in the oven and saut̩ed mushrooms. Jesse made a nice salad and set the table. I had already prepared dessert that morning. It all came together quite nicely. Conversation was centered around Lindz and Jesse Рwhat else is new Рbut lots of fun.

To answer a question from the comments, Jesse can cook very well. She likes to try new things and can knock out a great meal, but she is her father’s daughter. Since she has been working, her time in the kitchen has gone way down. We have an unspoken deal – if I cook, she does the dishes.

Saturday, Toby and I picked up the GGs and had them all day. They were good girls and enjoyable. GBN2 was a bit snotty, but she still did well. We took them home about 5 PM, Toby helped our son put in a new hot water heater. We were worn out and decided to treat ourselves to supper at a new Italian food restaurant in Duncan. We ate at Napoli’s, which was quite pleasant, or maybe it was the Chiante that made it so pleasant.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

We've eaten there once, it was the chiante. No, it wasn't BAD, it was just another solid example of average Duncan food.

Buck said...

Sounds like a great weekend. It also sounds like Halliburton is as much fun to work for as the Air Force, but probably a lot more rewarding... materially speaking. ;-)

Fire Fox said...

Lou can you tell us about any of the things they brought back from their travels? Were there any paintings?

Becky said...

Well, I've eaten IN Napoli--Italia that is.

Jo Castillo said...

Sounds like Friday was great. Will we get to see your paintings?

It is almost dinner time and we are having leftovers. Your Italian sounds better at the moment!

Dale said...

Well Lou the part that caught my eye was the house over-looking the lake. Man would I love to have a lakeside home someday! Looks like you guys had a good time. I know exactly what you heard on the other end of the phone when you talked to Jesse. I get the same thing when I talk to Billy. It's funny, Last night the wife had him pretty frustrated picking his brain with computer work. I just set back and enjoyed the show!