Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bits and Pieces

The Diva and I were discussing economics last week and the causes for the hard times. Maybe I should give you a few minutes to LOL or roll your eyes at the thought of me discussing economics, but I am married to an accountant and my son does have a Masters in Economics so such topics are discussed in my home. If Toby is willing to listen to me go on and on about my students and art, I should listen to his economic rants. Anyway, Toby sent me this link to an article on the economy and how we got where we are today.

I'm not sure why I am able to post photos these days. Maybe it has to do with the size of the photo - the smaller the better. Does that mean that if the photo is too large that my Hughes connection is not able to upload it without breaking up? Mine is not to question why; Mine is but to post and sigh.

I have been using "my reading list" on the Blogger dashboard. It sure makes my blog reading go faster. Rather than having to go through my whole "favorites list" of blogs, "my reading list" shows who has posted and when. Now, I know who has recently posted and do not spend time going to some one's blog and finding that there are no new posts. The downside of My Reading List is that I have to remember where I left comments, if I want to go back and check replies. Sometimes the ol' memory ain't what she used to be.

I kept the GGs yesterday afternoon. We gathered seven chicken eggs and made it back to the house with five of them. Actually GBN2 dropped her eggs on the kitchen floor - to the delight of the dogs. GBN1 helped Toby plant blackberries, while GBN2 and I stayed indoors. GBN1 eventually got tired of the cold wind and told Crewcraw that she "did not want to get sick and was going inside." Jesse was home by this time, so I went to help Toby in the garden while the GGs helped Jesse with supper. When Toby and I came inside, the GGs were wearing aprons and helping Aunt Jes stir the dinner and set the table. It was a bit chaotic, but Jes was cool.

The GGs went home, and we set down to a nice supper. Toward the end of the supper I asked Toby to reach into the fridge and get the fruit salad. He did so without getting out of his chair. Then I turned in my chair to get spoons out of the drawer. Jesse made fun of us and our tiny kitchen by scooting her chair and reaching into the oven. We all got a laugh out of her antics. Toby said he kind of liked having such a small kitchen that you could reach everything without leaving your seat. One of the art ladies made mention that my house was much like "being in college and living in a small apartment." I was not offended by her comment, but I did find it funny what people will say. It makes you wonder what else they are thinking and did not say. Actually, my present house is larger and much more comfy than our college apartment.

The art lady comment reminded me of some other comments that I found humorous and reflect upon my housekeeping skills. As one friend was leaving my house, she glanced over and saw a spool of thread back behind one of the recliner chairs. She reached back and picked it up and handed it to me saying, "I bet you were missing this and wondering what you did with that spool of thread." I smiled at my friendand set the thread on the table, but did not tell her that I knew exactly where the thread was - I just had not bothered to pick it up - yet. My DIL once remarked, "Did you know that you have a pot-holder on the floor behind your stove?" My reply, "Why yes, that is where I keep them." And those spiderwebs, they are pets."


Buck said...

It makes you wonder what else they are thinking and did not say.

I wonder that very same thing about my living arrangements vis-a-vis what other people think. I have fun with the "trailer park" thing, tho. LOTS of fun! ;-)

Becky said...

I love my blog reader. It saves me so much time. Do you have a gmail account? If you do, you can check the box and have follow up comments e-mailed to you. That's what I do, else I'm like you and never remember where I left them.

Bob said...

Our tiny house has gotten so big since the kids all moved away.

Sounds like the dogs really look forward to the grandkids' visits, or at least to their egg gathering.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I do not have gmail, but I have thought about it.

Bob, The dog do love the GGs. Many of the snacks meant for the girls end up dog treats.