Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yesterday was so beautiful - 75 and no wind - that Toby and I broke out the bicycles and went for a ride. He wanted to ride further than the four miles that we rode, but I ask him not to kill me the first day out on the bikes. Sure enough, I am a bit sore this morning, but the ride was worth it. I am looking forward to more biking and more good weather.

Today I am having some computer problems. I think that crazy computer guy that came by several weeks ago jinxed me. He was amazed at my router saying it was old and surely it did not work correctly. I had to convince him that it worked fine - no problems with the router. He continued to look at it like it was prehistoric. Now, it seems to have bit the dust. That means a trip to town to find a new router. And lunch with Jesse - I can live with that. If you are wondering, I am in Jesse's room on her computer which is plugged directly into the modem. It makes me giggle to be on Jesse's new laptop.

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous again today. Yeha!


Buck said...

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous again today. Yeha!

Same here: 81 is the forecasted high. It'll be a nice day for walking around the NM Ag-Expo (my version of "going in to town"). ;-)

Good luck on getting your new router!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said... it router as in 66 or is it router as in how bad a team beats another? Usually, although rather oddly, i always say Route 66 as in rhyming with the word that generally goes behind Roto. But for all other addresses i say rOUTe. Which, i think, is weird and rather waffling of me. Well, anyway, whether its route or route...have a great time getting your router...even though i still think its your carrier giving you the ultimate problems. Obviously, we will see with the new ROOTER.

Becky said...

Yay for gorgeous weather, and lunch with Jesse. I hope your new router fixes your computer woes.

Bob said...

On Jesse's computer? Ohhh, you are so wicked!

Bag Blog said...

Piper, I say rOUTe. A root grows in the ground - unless you are singing the ditty to Route 66. Do you say "striped" or "stripe-ed"?

Bob, I did snicker - you are beginning to know my evil ways.

Buck, What is the world coming to when you have to go to the Ag-expo for your kicks.

Buck said...

Apropos of nothing... the Brits say "rooter." Drove me nuts, that did. And me, them.

And Hey! The Ag-Expo was fun! Lotsa cool machinery for a city-boy to marvel over... and cowgirls!