Tuesday, March 24, 2009

After 30 Years...

Yesterday was the first day that I have felt fairly well in about a week. I have been active, and I don’t think I have been contagious, but I have just felt run-down and lousy. After my busy weekend, I had a bucket-load of chores to get done. Last week I had picked up several containers of summer clothes from our storage unit. They have been stacked around the house all weekend waiting on me to go through them and change out the winter for the summer clothes. So, I did that yesterday. Today a cold front hit.

Since I felt well all day , I decided not to take any more cold medicine last night. I’m not sure it was a wise decision. I’m sure Toby thought he was sleeping with Darth Vadar last night - the way I was breathing. This morning I am considering another cold tablet. I do have art class today, and I do not want to be sniffling and snorting through class. Many people around here have already been complaining about their allergies. So far so good on that count, but I am ready to be off any drugs and back to normal.

I didn’t tell this story yesterday, but it is just too good to pass on. Sunday afternoon Toby and I were in town. We decided to get some pizza. Toby handed me his cell phone to call the GGs and see if they wanted us to bring pizza to their house. I made the call, and we were headed to get pizza for the girls. We parked in front of Dominoes and Toby went in to order. While Toby was inside, I was playing with his phone. When he came out I said, "Who is this number…?"
Toby answered, "Scot."
Me: Do you get a lot of text messages from Scot?
Toby: I don’t know.
Me: Well, you have about four here.
Toby: I didn’t know that. How do you know when you have a message?
I showed the messages to Toby and read through them. Then I handed him the phone.

After a few minutes of waiting for the pizza he decided to take Ranger for a walk . When he got back in the car, he asked if I thought the pizza was ready yet.
Me: I don’t know. You should have put a clock on it (old joke between us).
Toby: Where is my phone?
Me: I gave it to you.
Toby: No you didn’t.
Me: Did too!
Toby: Where are the keys to the car?
Me: You have them – you drove here.
Toby: No, you took them.
This continued back and forth like kids.

At this point I am laughing, although most people would not think the situation funny. I have always been that way – used to irritate the heck out of my brother that I found such things funny. Now, Toby and I are searching the car for the phone and the keys - with him accusing me of keeping his phone and taking the keys. I am denying it all and laughing my head off. Finally, we are both just sitting in front of the pizza place because we cannot go anywhere and we cannot call anyone. Toby says, "Well at least I already paid for the pizza."
Me: Do you still have your wallet (giggle)?

I knew that the keys and the phone had to be somewhere in the vicinity because I had just made a call and we had driven there. About that time, we found the phone in the floor between the driver’s seat and the door. I then sent him inside Dominoes to see if he had left the keys there. Nope. Then I sent him to retrace his steps and see if he had dropped the keys somewhere. While he was out of the car, I went around to the driver’s side and started looking under the seat. I found the keys in the floor between the seat and console. Of course, I did not reach for them – instead, I called to Toby and had him re-look under his seat. This time he found them, and then accused me of putting them there. I knew he would do that – after 30 years of marriage I am on to his ways. He continued to give me a hard time – pushing his luck. With one last barb about me "having his keys," he put the keys in the ignition and started inside to get the pizza. Then he stopped and took the keys out of the ignition. There must have been something on my face (Mrs. Potato Head angry eyes) that said "you stepped over the line," because he grinned and said, "Hmm, maybe I will just put these in my pocket so I will not get locked out."

Me: Or left at Dominoes.


GUYK said...

Those post oak pastures should be greening up soon, huh? Kinda miss bow and arrow country this time of year when everything starts greening up from the drab grays and browns

Mezzo SF said...

or left at dominoes...
HAHAHHA. That is funny.
Might I suggest some velcro? heh

Buck said...

Ditto what Katy said... I was gonna use that line, too!

Innit funny how the two of you can anticipate the other's EVERY move? I just think that is waaaay-cool. I have a couple of those tee shirts, but they're all tattered and torn now. (I've never been much for metaphors, and that one was particularly bad. Not to mention obvious.)

I hope you're feeling better!

Bob said...

Thirty years will do that to a marriage. Ain't it grand?

A week from tomorrow (yup, on April Fools Day) Joyce and I will no longer have been married 30 years.

Jo Castillo said...

Or left at Dominoes, got me, too. We had a similar loss but it was for two weeks. Gene was looking for a recorder he used when riding his bike. We were just back from NM and he couldn't find it anywhere. Questions by me, did you look in your computer bag, suitcase, box with electronic stuff like extension cords and wires for computers, bike bag, behind seat, etc. He even called his mom to see if it was still in NM. He looked in the computer bag about 5 times I think, took everything out. He went out to look in the van and I looked in the computer bag. Remember we had been looking about two weeks. There it was right on top. I guess he moved it to look for it. Heh, heh. I called him in to show him and as you know he accused me of having it in my art stuff and planting it. Oh well. We laughed later. :) We always read each others mind and finish sentences. It is about 46 years now, but we have known each other since we were 2 and 3 years old.

Bag Blog said...

Guyk, it may snow on Friday - OK is grand.

Mezzo, Velcro would be good. I may have to draw a cartoon with us walking around with the keys, the phone, wallet, and other items stuck to us.

Buck, What exactly did the t-shirts say?

Bob, Happy Anniversary in a few days. Toby and I actually celebrate 32 years in June.

Jo, I have experienced the same sort of thing with Toby. Usually when that happens, I slap my bottom with both hands - my sign for "you cannot find your butt with both hands."

I know you and I are related or maybe just kindred spirits.

joyce said...


Look at the rattlesnake and wild pigs this soldier at Fort Sill saw. Yikes.

Buck said...

Buck, What exactly did the t-shirts say?

Something to the effect of "I know what you're thinking. Don't ask." You know... the usual. :D