Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Greetings

I had a wonderful birthday. All my siblings managed to call me, which is quite impressive since usually one or all forget. Pete won. Craig came in second. Kathy, the baby, managed to get herself out of bed and call me before 10 AM. I got lots of calls and well wishes yesterday especially via the internet. My FaceBook was filled with birthday greetings. Jan called wishing me a happy B-Day and said that he would not ask how old I was. I replied that last year I celebrated the big 50, but this year was just another birthday. He said, "What? You are going to make me do math!"

All the calls and greetings on FaceBook made me think of other birthdays. On my 30th birthday, my friend Kathy H. turned 30 just a few days before me. We celebrated with a day of skiing at Taos. Here is a photo from that day. From the left: Kathy H, Me, Janetta, and Kathy N. I remember having a great day - and I was much thinner.

One of my favorite birthdays was in 2006 when my art girls took me to lunch in Medicine Park. I posted a photo here. Last year's big 50 party was also great - I love to play volleyball and here are those pics. You know, I have been blessed with some good friends and some good times through the years. Last night's supper with friends was filled with laughs - just what I wanted for my birthday. Thanks to all who made my day special with your well-wishes.

And since I am getting older, I will tell a story on myself. Our TV remote died the other day. We could not turn the TV on or off or change channels. Toby went to Wal-Mart and bought a new remote, but it is just not the same. Toby needs to do some more figuring on it - right now we have to manually turn the TV on, but we can change the channels - sort of. The other night, I had the remote and was trying to change channels. It was not going well, and I said, "Why is it going up when I am pushing the down button?" Toby replied, "Maybe because you are holding the remote upside down." We laughed and laughed. Then Toby said, "Ask me how I knew the answer to that so fast." And we laughed some more.


The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

Man...its really steep in Taos.

Buck said...

LOL at what Jay said... and yeah, I sat here looking at the pic with my head tilted about 30 degrees to port as well! But you girls were obviously having a great day... and you look maah-vel-US!

I'm glad your birthday was fun. ANY day that's filled with laughter is a good day, but to be surrounded with friends and laughter on your birthday is just special.

Becky said...

New remotes are so much fun to get used to! I had to laugh at that story, because I have so been there myself!

Buckskins Rule said...

Amazing how we can't seem to function without the remote. A missing remote is a catastrophe of epic proportions around here.

I remember, when I was a wee lad, that I was the remote..."hey boy, change the channel".

Glad you enjoyed your Birthday.

Bag Blog said...

Piper, Taos can be very steep - it is amazing that we are even standing up.

Buck, it was a great day. I have other photos, but that one was just so silly. There was another photo of me trying to pull my ski pants up in a very small restroom stall. There is a sign on the rr door that says "contortionist chamber," and they weren't kidding.

Becky, this remote is just not shaped right - very confusing.

BR, We have to have a remote to work the dish - why is everything so complicated. And my kids are grown.

Mezzo SF said...

belated birthday wishes!