Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Change, Play, Art

The north windows were open wide yesterday. The south windows were open, but not nearly so wide, since the wind has been howling from the south for the last several days. We open the north windows in order to get some air in that part of the house. I was sitting at my computer when suddenly the wind gushed through the room blowing papers everywhere and slamming the door shut. Ah, the cold front hit. This morning there are no windows open, and I am wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt. Oklahoma has weather changes like no place else that I have ever lived.

Jesse has auditioned for a play that some of her buddies are directing at the Duncan Little Theater. They want her to play a certain part – probably perfect for her – the nerdy girl with the quiet voice. The play is a comedy called "Noises Off" which is a play about a play. It sounds like it would be lots of fun for Jesse, but she is not sure about it. The character she would play has to say something a bit off color – it is only one line, but it is probably an important line that cannot really be changed or dropped. It is just something so out of character for Jesse that she is just not sure she wants to play that character. We will see. I’m leaning toward her doing it, but she must make that decision for herself, because she has to be comfortable with it.

I am going to paint today with my art buddies. Here is a painting I did last week from Robert Wade's watercolor book. Tomorrow I am leaving for a deaf women’s conference where I have been asked to do the meals for the entire weekend. I will have lots of help, but I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. It is like going to a foreign country where everyone speaks a different language than you. Although I have been learning ASL, I’m not good at it, and it makes me tense. Doing the meals for fifty women is not something I look forward to either, although I have been in the restaurant business long ago. It has been a while since I have had to cook like that. The Junk Diva will be with me along with Jesse and Lindsay to make things lively. I will take my laptop, and maybe they will have Internet service. If there is no Internet, I will see you sometime late Sunday.


Buck said...

This morning there are now windows open and I am wearing a long sleeve sweatshirt. Oklahoma has weather changes like no place else that I have ever lived.

Same here. It's beyond chilly today... it's flat cold outside. My furnace has been running all day... and it was a great day to sleep in. Which I did, of course. ;-)

Wow... you certainly took on a lot, cooking for 50 people all weekend! It's good you'll have help... I have a feeling you'll need it. I also have a feeling your ASL skills are in for some significant improvement, as well. "Practice makes perfect," and all that.

And... as always and ever... I love the painting.

Finally: I think Jess is in a tough spot. It's difficult to do something/anything out of character, even if this is only a play. I dunno what I'd do, frankly.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I don't know what Jesse should do either, but I have told her to talk to some different people with different points of view.

You pointed out my type-o so very neatly - thank you. It has been cold here all day and windy ta boot.

Becky said...

I think we got your cold front last night! I had my air conditioner running yesterday, and today, the heater is on.

Jo Castillo said...

I thought I had commented on this, I read only I guess. Very nice painting. Too late now to encourage you about the conference. Ha.

Mezzo SF said...

FWIW - Noises Off is one of the Top 5 funniest pieces of theater EVER written. EVER. It's a brilliant comic gem. Truly. I know what you are referring to, language wise, and well. I can't help you with that - but from a performers standpoint, I would say go for it.
(There is a movie version of Noises Off with John Ritter, Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeve, Michael Caine, and a whole lotta other people. It's funny - but the stage show is even funnier. Worth a rental!)