Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brain Gears

I took the GGs to Wichita Falls to visit cousins who were on spring break. We took Buddy, the new fox terrier puppy. The cousins wanted to see Mom's new dog, and he kept the GGs entertained in the car. Actually, we had a few squabbles and a few lessons on sharing. That was one tired puppy when we got home, and Booboo was worn out too. The cousins were highly entertained by the GGs.

You may have noticed that I went cold turkey last weekend - totally without my computer. Well, I was going to a retreat and thought that I should rest from my usual ways, but as I mentioned yesterday, it took a higher gear of brain power to get through the weekend. When I got home on Sunday afternoon, I checked my email and took a look at some of my favorite blogs, but I just did not have the brain power to comment or post. The weekend at the DWC seemed to have used up much of my brain power. Or maybe it was that after coming home from the conference, I kicked my brain gear into idle. Yesterday I had to get moving and get my brain into GG gear early to get to WF and see cousins - so I was not able to browse my usual blogs. Last night, I managed to read a few blogs, but I found that my brain was still not in gear. "That's nice" and "How interesting" were the only comments that would come to mind. I'm hoping that it is just a temporary brain block and that I can come up with more in depth thoughts soon.

Today is art with my beginners, which takes a different brain gear. I have a lesson planned - so I am at least that far. Now I need to get the house ready and get some chores done - another thing that I am behind on. Without a deadline or some sort of pressure, I can be useless.

I did have one thought on the outcry over AIG's spending of bailout money: If you give a wino a handout, he will probably spend it on booze. If you give a handout or bailout to a company who has mishandled their own money, what makes you think they will handle your money any better?

Jesse posted more photos and a couple of videos from the DWC.


inpassing said...

You know, I hardly see a picture of GBN2 these days but what it doesn't take me back a quarter of a century or so. It's odd, because you can individually look at certain features and say "well, that's her daddy", but when I look at her collectively...I see my little girl all over again.

Bag Blog said...

While in WF yesterday, Pete said he saw Jesse in her - I think it is the eyes and certain looks she gives.

Fire Fox said...

Lou, I've been lurking but not commenting... I've got writers block I think! Everytime I think I might have something of interest to say it doesn't want to be put into words! I'm here though and I enjoy reading your posts!

Bob said...

The most scandalous thing about the AIG "executive bonus scandal" is: the ones now most outraged about money being squandered are the very ones who couldn't be bothered to read that $800-billion "Stimulus" Bill. Perhaps if they'd looked that bill over a little, they might have noticed that Chris Dodd slipped in wording that guaranteed payment of those bonuses.

I have to laugh at the idea that you lack motivation to blog. At your worst you girls outdo us guys three-to-one on word production. The world doesn't end if you don't post every day, you know. Just write whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it.

Buck said...

Missed this yesterday... I was sorta indisposed. But here I am, in the wee smalls, exorcising insomnia demons.

I think you got a good dog with Buddy, most certainly in the temperament department! Nice pic, too.

Finally: I hear ya about writers block. I do re-runs when I'm in that boat. And I think I'm running out of re-runs, too. ;-)

Laurie said...

I've been absent around these parts for awhile, and blogging in general. I don't even have the writer's block any more, I have to look mighty hard just to find a chip of the block these days ;) But I'm still around. Wondering if I sent you my latest pictures, think I did not....will remedy that.

Bag Blog said...

Laurie, I looked at the finished cat house photos, but it has been awhile. I do think of you often, though and wonder what you are up to.

Buck and Bob, it is not so much writer's block on my posting; it is comment block.