Thursday, March 19, 2009

Springtime Cold

Although I took the day off from blogging yesterday, I did make the rounds of my favorite blogs and wrote some comments. I also caught up on some email correspondence. It made me feel a little better since I have had "comment block." I made a trip to Wal-Mart and had lunch with Toby and Jesse. Wal-Mart is usually a chore, but this time, I felt myself coming down with some yuck sore throat thing, which made shopping worse. Although I had a nap after putting up groceries, I just felt too lousy to make it to church. I do feel better this morning. Maybe this is just a relapse – maybe I did not really get over my cold a few weeks ago. It is just irritating. It may not seem like it to you, but I do not usually get sick. One of my students is having art at her house today. It makes it nice that I do not have to do lots of housework to get my house presentable for the art girls. I do need to haul art supplies to her house. Hopefully I will be well enough to go. Right now, I feel pretty good.

I am drinking hot tea today – what is the world coming to? I rarely drink hot tea preferring coffee. I did drink hot tea while we were in Scotland – it just seemed the thing to do since the hotel provided it and had such a wonderful teapot, and it was cold and wet outside. My throat is a bit raw, and coffee is just not making it better. Now if the Piper came over and made me a hot toddy, I would probably be well quickly or at least happier. Speaking of the Piper, I chatted on the phone with him yesterday. Since I am keeping the GGs tomorrow, I invited the Royals over to do some watercolor. It could be wild times at the Lazy B.

Although things seem rather dull right now, and nothing exciting is happening, there is something about springtime that brings a sense of hope and renewal. I feel on the edge – like something exciting is coming up. For a while now we have talked about adding on and finishing our house. I think that will happen soon. Jesse is going to be in a play, which is certainly new and different. My brother’s wedding is in April in Austin. Springtime in the Hill Country is always great, and Craig does know how to throw a party with dancing and live music. The little tastes of warm weather give me hope for getting through the winter. I actually went by the storeroom and got out the containers of warm-weather clothing. It may be time to do the big switcheroo – putting away the sweaters and coats and getting out the shorts and capris. Change is good. Lifestyle changes are good too. There is something about warmer weather that makes me want to stick to my diet (the thought of wearing a swimsuit will do it). We have broken out the bicycles – ready for some serious riding and exercise. We have a new Hobie Cat just waiting for the lakes to warm up. We would like to take some kayak vacations this year. Toby has ridden his motorcycle to work a few times with the warmer weather. Yeah, I’m ready for some changes – come on spring. And mostly I want to get over this cold.


Buck said...

I hear ya about being sick. I've rarely been sick since moving to P-Ville, but when I DO feel ill it's usually a doozy. And I don't do "sick" well, at ALL.

Funny you should mention tea... just between you and me and the fence post... I cheated on the morning of my surgery and had a cup of tea, even though I was supposed to be caffeine-free that day. SOME things in life are just non-starters, like me in the morning with SOME sort of caffeine. No one was the wiser and everything worked out, LOL!

Your Spring sounds BUSY, Lou. But then again, you always seem to have your fingers in some sort of pie or another! ;-)

Buck said... the morning with SOME sort of...

Should have been "withOUT some sort.." Obviously, I would hope.

Catherine MacDermott said...

You bettcha ... there's about to be a lot of fun in Austin! Can't wait to have you here to help us celebrate - and you're right, there will be a great band and lots of dancing, so be sure to bring your dancin' shoes!

Hope you get to feeling better!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

perhaps we can have a belated toddy know...medicinal...and medicinal doesn't necessarily end at physical...especially with toddy's.

Becky said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon!

I know what you mean about comment block. I've had that myself, along with posting block. This too, shall pass.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, I hate it when the dr. says no caffeine. I have been known to make a quick stop at Starbucks as soon as my appointments over. Every diet that I have read says something along the line of avoiding caffeine, yet isn't caffeine in most diet pills?

Catherine, I'm ready for the party. I was thinking of you and wondering if you were doing the "count down"yet?

Piper, we will have a toddy party. I was going to put "toddy poddy," but with so many kids being potty trained and puppies being house broken, that could be true too, but sounded funny.

Thanks Becky, the block will pass.