Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wed News

Here is one of the photos that I tried to post the other day, but could not reduce it in size so that I could upload it to Blogger. I still think it is a problem…but lets not go there today. Jesse showed me how to use ZapGrab and paste the photo into Word and then save it so that it is smaller. All of which I am not sure I can do, but I will practice. This photo is the one Jesse Zapped and saved while teaching the old dog a new trick. Speaking of dogs and the photo, GBN1 wanted to walk the dog. She tried walking Zoe, the Great Dane, but Zoe was not always cooperative. They were able to walk a little ways before Zoe turned back to the house and dragged GBN1 with her. GBN1 gets upset when this happens and it has happened several times – so this time she switched to Ranger, the Rat Terrier. Everyone was quite happy with this arrangement – except Ranger. Jesse posted the most hysterical videos of the GGs singing. You might want to see the GGS in action.
By the way, that little twig/broom-like thing in the photo is one of two remaining pine trees that I planted a couple of years ago. Zoe ate the other four pines and bit the top of this one - that is why it is so silly looking. Recently, Toby ordered some Arizona cypress trees from the OK Forestry Service. The good news is that that they are cheap; the bad news is they only come in bundles of 100 trees. We have spent the last couple of evenings planting trees. We planted over 50 trees along our north fence to block wind and neighbor's view.

I spent the morning writing an email to a new friend. I had written a rather long description of my travels and was proofreading one last time, when the electricity blipped and I lost it all. I know; I know! Why didn’t I type it in Word?

My art ladies were lots of fun yesterday. We are all very different in style and personality, we and do not know each other well, but we are beginning to know each other well enough to pick on each other. Teasing may be more of Tex/Okie thang. Barbara, who is a Southern CA girl, is just not used to Okie talk or ways. When we direct our teasing to her, she says, "Hey, I come her for therapy, and I don’t need this (teasing)." And we laugh at her – ‘cause we wouldn’t tease her if we didn’t like her.
Today is my young ladies art class, which I always look forward to. The picking and teasing are rampant.


Buck said...

"Hey, I come her for therapy, and I don’t need this (teasing)."

Ummm-hmmm. I bet she said "ribald repartee," didn't she? Or something very much like it... :D

Becky said...

I love that picture. I especially love that Zoe is still taller than GBN2!

My friends and I used to tell each other, "I wouldn't pick on ya if I didn't love ya!"

Bag Blog said...

Becky and Buck, I got the feeling my new California friend was not sure about our teasing, yet she was being funny. Her father died about 3 weeks ago and she probably is a bit tender.