Friday, April 24, 2009


I can tell things are winding down and summer is on its way. I’m not talking about the weather, I’m talking about my classes. My art students have been few and far between lately. It could be that things are busy for everyone, but I tend to think that they are just tired of "going to class." Even my ASL class has had very few people lately. I try to make it to ASL even when I don’t want to go. I just feel that the teachers travel to Velma and give of their time – and I should do the same. We have two more ASL classes, and then we will break for the summer. I will do something similar with my art classes. I usually stop the younger classes for the summer and only keep the Thursday class going. It is a good break for both my students and me. Since my Thursday class has dwindled, I may include the older ladies in the Thursday class. My Wednesday art buddies are planning on continuing through the summer. I am looking forward to dropping a few classes for more time with my new art buddies.
Here is a few more paintings that I have done with them.
I also started a pastel – here is the pastel after one sitting. Today I will do some more work on it – ‘cause it needs lots of work to look like the Diva’s Daughter. But I thought I would show you what I was up to.

Tonight Toby and I are planning on going out to eat and then to opening night of Jesse’s play, "Noises Off." Jes seems to be doing well – knows her part well and shows little worry. I know better – she is ready for this to be over with and will probably not do any more plays or at least not for a long time. We will see – maybe the glory of being a star will take over – not. In the meantime, I will take photos and report back on the play tomorrow.

Email conversation:
My friends Anny and Bear were supposed to meet up with us in Austin where they were attending a different wedding last weekend. We were both so busy that we did not meet. Anny emailed to tell me about her weekend. The rehearsal dinner was held on a party barge on Town Lake (Lake Lady Bird). Anny said that as they were leaving the barge, they saw a truck backing a boat into the lake. The truck just kept rolling right on into the lake. It turns out that the driver was not in the truck and it was rolling on its own. She said that they shouted and shouted, but the man did not pay attention to them. His truck went underwater. When Bear and Anny went to try and help the man, it turns out that he was deaf. Anny wrote: We drove the Tahoe partway down into the water with me hanging my head out my window yelling "I know some sign language!!!" The guy never looked at me...he couldn't hear me LOL.

I wrote back to Anny telling her I should have been there to help, because I could have signed, "Friend, you are screwed." I happen to know that sign.


Mrs. Bear said...

LOL isn't life full of funny stuff!!! I was glad that it was raining and cool at the rehearsal dinner when the truck ended up underwater...this group of people we were with are our lake buddies and we are all somewhat "hillbillies" a few of us already had out shoes off and were ready to go in the water...but the truck sunk so fast and it was kinda cold...we were all dressed up and well I was surprised (and somewhat proud) that we didn't all end up in the water rolling around in the mud...just can't take the country out of some people!!! We did our selves proud we didn't even jump off the boat during dinner...but I do still know some sign never know when you might need it!!LOL

Buck said...

Yup... summer's upon us! The weather in this part of the world certainly feels like summer, anyway. That's oOne of the things NOT to like about P-Ville, I suppose... in that we seemingly go straight from winter into summer. Sorta.

Not to flog a dead horse... but I'm SO glad you switched ISPs! The paintings are beauteous!

Laurie said...

Very pretty paintings. I like. And.... the story about the deaf guy and the truck... you just cannot make something like that up.

Anonymous said...

... you know, I used to dabble in The Arts back in the day...... believe it or not!...


Becky said...

That was funny about the truck! I hope he was able to get it out OK, though.

Bag Blog said...

Eric, you dabble very well in the art of story telling. I bet you would be good at other arts too.

Becky, I don't think the truck was out when my friends left, but it was a funny story.

Buck, I'm glad I switched too. I had my mis-givings about new internet, but so far, so good.

Anny, you are probably the most elegant hillbilly I've ever known.

Catherine MacDermott said...

Please send a video of how to say "friend you are screwed;" we can use that one!

Towanda said...

Hi Lou, I haven't been responding much, but I have been keeping up to date with your posts. I LOVE every one of the paintings, and all the pictures you have been posting, and I loved the truck story--OMG!!! EEK!!!

My daughter and I used to take ASL classes together and we had so much fun. Then I broke my arm and my hand wasn't mobile enough to make the signs, so I had to quit. I'm really wanting to get started again now. (Santa Fe has a school for the deaf, and I am wondering if they offer any sort of classes.)

My husband has taken to reading some of the blogs I have on my favorites list, including yours, and he got quite a chuckle out of "Booboo I love your milks" a few days ago. LOL

Bag Blog said...

It is always good to hear from you. I still drop by your blog, too. I'm glad you liked the "milks" story - grandbabies are so fun. I bet you can take ASL classes somewhere in Santa Fe. I would like to take more classes myself.

Jo Castillo said...

Great story. The paintings are just wonderful. Your trip to Austin sounded great, too. Austin is always weird and fun.