Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Report - Noises Off

Everyone who has a daughter knows that they are all drama princesses. When Jesse was little, we were amazed at her ability to show her every emotion by the expressions on her face. She was not a big talker like my GGs, but she was very communicative with her eyes and face. Jesse had killer eyes. She let you know when she was not pleased. The brows would draw together in a way that might have been scary if it were a larger person and not a little girl. With her dancing eyes, she let you know when she was happy. She also had a haughty look that made us think of her as not a princess, but a queen. This weekend she was the queen of expressions once again.

This weekend Jesse played Poppy in “Noises Off.” Her character had few lines and a very quiet voice. She had to show her emotions with her facial expressions. She did great – a role she was born to play. The first act of the play set up the characters and the plot. The second act was chaos with lots of impromptu running around the stage. The third act was still lots of impromptu, but not so much as Act 2. Jesse’s big scenes were in Act 2. I watched all three performances (isn’t that what a mother does?) and each performance was different. Friday night Act 2 was very funny and seemed well choreographed. Saturday night Act 2 was wild. Jesse did a flying tackle that was similar to her kayak day on the Rio Grande. She also went running across the stage, lost a shoe and went a$$ over head with one shoe flying off not to be found. She finished the scene with one shoe. It was one of those moments when I sucked in my breath and thought, “OH MY GOSH!” Then she got up and I knew she was all right and I laughed till I was sick. The rolling fall actually fit in perfect. The one shoe was very funny. Only the other actors and her parents knew it was not planned. The bruises and skinned knees and elbows tell the real story.

Sunday’s matinĂ©e was still different. Jesse did not get hurt, but was still very funny. In Act 3 she is suppose to sneak on stage and replace the receiver of the phone, which the other characters misplaced earlier. This time, Jesse replaced the receiver with a banana. I’m not sure whose idea it was, but it surprised the other actors when they picked up the banana to make a phone call. All was funny!

I have to mention another person in the play, Sarah Ann. Sarah is one of my art girls - she has taken from me longer than anyone. The other girls think she is my favorite - 'cause she is. She is very artistically talented. And she can sing like an angel. She and her brothers grew up watching old movies - especially musicals, and they have an uncanny ability to mimic what they hear. She has often regaled us with song while at art. Sarah can sound just like the mice in "Cinderella," but my favorite is when she does whole scenes from "Pink Panther." This weekend she was the emcee for "Noises Off" while her husband played the part of Tim in the play. Not only did she emcee, but she sang a few songs during each of the breaks. She did an imitation of Judy Garland singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that sent shivers all over me. The crowd loved her. The actors gave her the MVP award for being such a great emcee, helping with the play, reading parts when someone was absent, bringing snacks, etc. Like I said, she is a favorite.

Jesse will probably have photos later. I forgot my camera, which would not have taken good photos in the dark anyway. Lindz did get some photos, and I will try to steal some for my blog, too. I’m glad the play is over. Maybe now I will see more of Jes.

Actually on Saturday, I did spend some quality time with her. We put together a dresser that she had bought in Austin. It came in two boxes and was totally broken down into pieces of wood and hardware. We had a blast reading the instructions, piecing things together, re-doing our mistakes, and seeing a dresser emerge. I think she may have photos of that too. It turned out very nice – all pine. It was the time spent with her that was the best, though. You know how I love my girls.


Buck said...

Wow. What a great weekend, and great telling of it, too!

Laurie said...

The play sounds wonderful! What fun.

Mezzo SF said...

'tis the joy and thrill (and sometimes terror) of live theater! glad it went well!!