Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Paint Day

Yesterday was a lovely day with temperatures in the mid 70's. Who would think that it was the end of May! My painting buddies came, and we had a great time as usual. They all brought their quarter paintings that I mentioned previously so that we could put them together and see how they looked. We definitely have some different styles. This was a fun exercise, and we will be trying it again maybe with a little more cohesiveness.

The ladies wanted to paint flower cards. We each picked different flowers to paint. I chose this columbine, which I did not like my background, but there it is. Being a fast painter, I had time to do another painting and did a quick, loose poppie, which I liked better.

After lunch, we decided to take advantage of the cool outdoors and do some plein aire painting. My dogs loved the fact that we came outside. They were a bit pesty, but soon settled down. Each lady picked something to paint - two ladies painted our radio flyer wagon while another painted the chicken condo. I chose to paint one of the ladies. This painting needs more work, but I have my colors established. Now I need to go in and darken areas and put in a better background.

Today is another paint day with my art girls. It has been awhile since we have been together due to general busy-ness. I'm looking forward to being with my girls.


Anonymous said...

I must say, I was a little worried how your aggregate painting would look, but it turned out great. I'd like to see it in person. Are you going to frame it? All as one or like a window?


Bag Blog said...

Bo, I am planning on placing these four paintings in one frame with mat between each one. What do you think?

Buck said...

I like the poppies better, too.

The composite came out great! What's that they say about the sum being greater than the parts? :D

Becky said...

I love the paintings, especially the composite. I love seeing how the different styles merge into one. I'm glad you are painting more. I've missed seeing your work.

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

i think its WAY cool...that is very frameable.

Mezzo SF said...

I love the columbine!!! It reminds me of home - that's the CO state flower, and we always had bunches growing in our backyard! yay!