Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Dog Days

It has been one week since my art buddies and I went plein aire painting. It seems that I have been running since then with little time to stop and smell the roses. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some downtime – like yesterday when I took Toby’s truck to the dealer in Lawton to have some minor repairs done before the warranty expires. I sat for three hours in the waiting room. I did manage to finish a book and watch some TV while I waited, but I was a bit crazed when I left. Then I spent my afternoon at Wal-Mart, because the cupboard was bare after the long weekend.
We also had a little downtime on Monday when the GGs came over. GBN1 called early Monday morning and asked if we could come pick her and her sister up. It was an unauthorized phone call, but it was a good plan. They both had on their overalls and wanted to work in the garden. It was a bit wet for yard work, so we set up the kiddie pool for the first summer swim. I had bought cheap water guns for the lake, and they were quite popular with the girls and Toby. By the time we took the GGs home, Toby and I were pooped. We did manage a little yard work. I also played catch-up on the laundry – mostly beach towels, swimsuits, shorts, etc. from the weekend, but I also did our sheets and bedspread hanging them in the sun for that wonderful fresh smell.

After Lawton and Wal-Mart yesterday, I just wanted some chill time, but when I got home I still had groceries to unload and Ranger had puked on the carpet. After getting the carpet clean and the groceries put away, I sat down at the computer only to hear a commotion in the other room. Jack, the red heeler puppy, and the new cat, that I shall call El Diablo, were going at it in the litter box. Litter was everywhere. Later when I told Toby that I thought Jack ate the cat poop, he said, "So that is why he had that sh!t-eating grin on his face."

I had promised my neighbor that I would feed her large dogs while she was on vacation. Toby went with me, but we left Ranger at home, because the big dogs have been known to scratch the paint on our vehicle trying to get at Ranger. Ranger was not pleased to be left at home and puked on our bed – the bed with the fresh clean sheets and bedspread. I had to strip the bed and do laundry, which I was still doing late last night since we do not have a big washer/dryer.

Toby said he was feeling "draggy" and wanted to take a little nap before supper. I decided to feed his chickens for him. While gathering eggs, my art buddy called and said that we were not going to plein aire paint tomorrow and asked if I still wanted to host the painting at my house. I had one of those moments where I wanted to say no - thoughts of how much cleaning and yard work needed to be done to make my house presentable, but it really was my turn to host. I had just thought we were going out to paint – now I needed to do some major house cleaning and plan lunch for the ladies. I said yes. My friend also asked if I were getting my emails. That is when I realized that I may be having another computer problem - great.
I carried the eggs into the house and put them away. At some point I had stepped in chicken-doo and had tracked it all over the kitchen. Toby came in ready for supper about that time, and I nearly broke. Dog-doo, cat-doo, chicken-doo, and dog puke were my undoing. I don’t normally cry over such things, and I really had to fight off the tears and frustration. I think my hormones must be off.

While waiting on the sheets and stuff to finish, I got lots done last night. Then I slept like a rock. Now I need to get ready for the ladies to come for art. One of the things I hate about summer is the extra long days.


Skybag said...

That's funny - the only thing I like about summer is the long days!

Buck said...

Wow. Most times I think I lead a very boring life, but after reading this I realize that boring is GOOD. I just don't need the excitement of having to do laundry two to three times in one day and deal with various varieties of poop... not to mention separating quarreling cats and dogs!

Today should be better, no? I sure HOPE so!

The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

spending the afternoon at WM would've done it for me...

Bag Blog said...

Piper, yeah it was all just to much.

Buck, Today was better, but the art ladies had to deal with the cat from hell, which they all thought was cute. Then we went outside to paint since it was a cool, breezy day - they had to deal with my dogs then.

Jes, But dad always finds so much work for us with so much daylight.

Becky said...

Lou, you are all your doo have my sympathy! I can relate. I caught the cat dooing in my bed this morning.