Thursday, May 07, 2009


The sun shone yesterday - the first time in several days of dreary rain. The rain, thunder and lightning have been incredible at times. Good news: The pond is full and overflowing and things are green. Bad news: My new Internet went down for a whole day due to weather.
I met with my art ladies yesterday, and we had a great time painting. I am kind of awed at these new friendships. None of these ladies are someone that I would have thought I would enjoy so much. When I first met Glenna, I thought she was one sharp lady and very personable. Jean is a little older, but after being on the Art Guild Board with her, I learned that she had a great sense of humor and was humble compared to the other egos at the AG. Barb is just so very different being from California via Tulsa and now new to Duncan. She makes all of our painting sessions interesting. It may be the art that brings us together, but it is actually our differences that hold us. For me, I just find them so darn interesting and fun. Here is what we painted yesterday. We set up fresh cut flowers from Jean’s yard, which is amazing with its flowers and herbs – we have drank all sorts of herbal tea fresh from her garden. Glenna took lots of time to set up the scene and light – something I would have thrown together and called it good, but Glenna is more of a perfectionist. Barb put in her two cents on the flowers and arrangement and kept us entertained with her fresh outlook – maybe it is because at 50+ years old, she is a newly wed and has a new lease on life. Notice the differences in our paintings.

Of course we all chat throughout our painting session. I’d share what all we talk about, but then I’d have to kill you. No, I learned a long time ago that what goes on the road stays on the road, or in this case, what we say when we paint, stays on the canvas. You know me, I have always been amazed at people and their ways. Yesterday, we reached a new level of sharing personal information as if we are getting easier with each other – kind of freaks me out. Here is an example that I will share: we were discussing attending an art workshop in Dallas next fall. It is a five-day workshop at a reasonable price, but we would have to stay in a hotel. When I said we could share a room, two of the ladies said, "No way." Then I said that we could get two rooms and each have our own bed. I still got the "No way"from the same two ladies. Two of these ladies would rather not share a room much less a bed – interesting. Barb and I were the two that thought sharing a room would be fgreat fun and a bed if necessary – interesting. I love discovering such things about each other. And now we will use that info to tease the heck out of each other.

Sometimes while we discuss our children and husbands, I am reminded at how different Toby and I raised our children. During these conversations I find myself holding back my thoughts because I am the odd man out in this case. I don’t begrudge anyone the way they raised their kids. Raising children is tough. We all do what we think is best for our children. Those differences are what make the world what it is.


Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your blog entries. This one is beautiful with the artwork photos. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your art group. Isn't it amazing how we learn and discover so much about people that is so different from frist impressions? Keep up the good work. (Garwood)

Buck said...

The differences in the paintings are VERY interesting... they're all beautiful, too... as I'm sure the differences in the painters are!

I've always thought exploring our differences... writ large (cultures) and small (the personal)... to be THE most fascinating thing about life. Which is probably why I was a vagabond for pretty much my entire adult life, come to think on it.

Hot over this way today. It's already 85 and it's not even 1100 hrs yet. I "broke the seal" on the AC yesterday; more of the same today!

Becky said...

I'm with you on the sunshine! We got some yesterday for the first time in I don't know how long.

I love the paintings. All so different, yet so beautiful! You are making me wanna get back into my own art.

Jo Castillo said...

The new group sounds like it is fun and working out. The paintings are great.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks all!

Garwood, It has also been fun getting to know people on the internet - like my friends Becky, Buck and Jo - all are people that I have come to call my internet buddies.

Buck, I could be a vagabond, too. People watching is most interesting.

Becky, We are getting sunshine, but it is very humid - my hair is curly.

Jo, You would like this group, but we tend to do watercolor only. I have been itching to do more pastels.