Friday, May 08, 2009

First Game

Softball season has started, and Jesse is playing again this summer. Last night was her first game. Toby and I rode our bikes into town to see the game, and Jesse brought us home in the truck. It was about a 16 mile ride. My face was beet red and my bottom was sore when we got there. Fortunately the game was a good one. Jesse played hind-catcher. Since it is a co-ed team, the rules are very strange. Most of the time girls play behind home plate, because there is not any base stealing and little pressure on the catcher. Jesse has improved over the years, but she is still not a power player. Last night's game was close with both teams pretty equal. It came down to the last inning with the other team up to bat. There were two outs and two people on base - if they scored, Jesse's team would lose. About that time the batter popped up a foul close to the backstop. Jesse ran over and stuck her glove up. Her face was to the crowd, and we got a perfect close-up to the play. The ball landed in her glove, and her face was one of awe and surprise. The game was over, and her team won! Her team really teased her about catching the foul and winning the game.

We have the GGs today - all day!


Buck said...

"The ball landed in her glove, and her face was one of awe and surprise."

Now that's just pretty danged cool.

Jo Castillo said...

How great is that? Love this story. :)

Becky said...

That is a wonderful story! However, my 7th grade PE teacher would really fuss if she read that you called the position "hind-catcher". That was one of her big pet peeves. "There is no such postition!" she would say. "It's CATCHER, not "hind-catcher."

Mrs. Bear said...

Humm sounds so much better than our ball game in college....I just bet I might react the very same way after all these years LOL