Monday, May 11, 2009

Rain and Gain

Here is a photo of Jes and Lindz and Reagan taken a few years ago, but very appropriate for the weather we are having now. It was called "Raining Girls."

Last week Buck sent me instructions on how to post a video. At the time, I did not really have a video to post, but Jesse did. Then I saw this video over at blog buddy, Kris's Journal. It is a great video, and I wanted to post it too. Several times this weekend I gave it my best shot, but my computer skills seem to be limited. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Jesse did not have time to look at it and share her computer knowledge with me. I will keep trying to learn this new trick, but in the meantime, either go to Kris's blog and watch the video or try YouTube.

Weekend Report:
It has been raining in OK for a while now. The humidity has been something else. I gave up trying to straighten and fix my hair and have adopted the free and easy curls that are inevitable. One of the young ladies at church said that she liked my "beechy" hair. I like to think of it as "hippie hair." The temps on Friday were in the high 90's with high humidity. We took the GGs to WF to do some shopping. It was a wild day. We were looking for a new tent to do some camping with the girls, but we could not make a decision. The heat and humidity about did all of us in. We were planning on keeping the girls all night, but Crewcraw and Booboo were worn out as were the GGs. But the girls came back over on Sunday and had a nice Mother's Day lunch with us. It was a bit wet outside to romp and stomp on the ranch.

Saturday we went to the Arts for All Festival in Lawton. The temps were in the upper 60's - only in OK do they go from upper 90's one day to upper 60's the next. The humidity was still soaring. I saw my old art teacher at the festival showing his pottery. I had not seen him in several years - so it was fun to catch up. When I was in high school, Mr. K was not really much older than I was, but I did not understand that at the time. My senior year I decided to take art, but the school decided to go to a tri-semester that year. They roped the German teacher into teaching art. Rather than getting the veteran art teachers, I got the only art class that the German teacher taught. She could not keep up with me. Mr. K recognized my abilities and got me out of her class when he could. He taught me to throw pots on a kick wheel. He taught me to mat and frame my art. He was the kind of teacher who stepped out of the box and helped the students. Over the years, our paths have crossed several times, and he is still ready and willing to help others with their art. I owe him lots.

We also attended a home school graduation. There were six kids graduating. These graduation ceremonies are very personal with parents speaking to their child as they give out the diplomas. One of my art students graduated and gave me a rose as an acknowledgement and thank you for teaching art. It is nice to be recognized - it is an encouragement.

As I said earlier, the GGs came for lunch. Bo and Sara gave me a sink for Mother's Day. A sink!? Yep, it is a beautiful Mexican-style painted sink for my new house. It was a perfect gift for me. I love the bright colors, and it will be perfect for my future house. Jesse gave me a gift certificate to Regal Nails - another perfect gift. You know how I love to have my nails done - no pain - no gain.

It has rained off and on the whole weekend, and it is raining right now. The pond is full and the ground is soaked. All of that is good, but I may need these soon.


Lindsay said...

That picture is upside down! It looks like it's raining umbrellas! LOL!

Bag Blog said...

Lindz, I have the other "upside down" photo, but chose to put this one up 'cause I can see it better - it is the dyslexia in me that has problems.

Mrs. Bear said...

Don't talk to me about curly hair!!!!

Buck said...

Well... so much for my tech-writing skilz, eh? I saw the vid at Kris' place last week, and it IS touching.

I envy you the rain, but NOT the heat/humidity combo. The last few days have been pretty good weather-wise in these parts and we MIGHT get rain today... which is always a good thing when and if it happens.

I love the pic of the girls -- those are some very photogenic young women!

Skybag said...

It's rainin' umbrellas! Allelujah!

And that was a birthday sink from all three of us! Technically, I'm the only child that gave you a mother's day present.

Bag Blog said...

Skybag, you win the prize for the best daughter.

Anny, you win the prize for the most curly hair.

Buck, my problem seems to be with getting the whole embed thing to copy. It is like I am missing a step, but Jesse and I will get our heads together and give it another try. You don't get any prizes yet:)