Tuesday, May 12, 2009


GBN1 is growing up before my eyes. She is sounding out words and reading. She is turning into a little girl and not just a baby any more. You can see understanding in her eyes now. Her little personality is changing and more mature. She can be a drama queen. She can be very serious, but she has the best laugh, and it is very contagious.

My DIL took GBN1 to the dentist office for her first teeth cleaning and check-up. Upon entering the office GBN1 announced, "Look, a snake." No one paid much attention to her, but she was insistent. About the third time she said it, the office worker came around the desk and looked for herself. Sure enough, curled up, but hidden there was a little grass snake in the office. The dentist, the only male in the office, was called to remove the snake. The rest of the dentist visit went without incident. Knowing GBN1, she will think that seeing a snake in the dentist’s office is quite normal from now on.

GBN1 was playing with my hair the other day when she announced, "Booboo, you have a hole in your hair." My reply, "That’s odd." Then in her very matter-of-fact voice GBN1 said, "No Booboo, that is just the way God made you."

On Sunday after church I was having a discussion with Ashley’s father. GBN1 came running up. He said hello to her. GBN1 threw a handful of leaves at him. I explained that GBN1 is going through an odd stage where she is not sure how to react to people. She wants to interact, but sometimes does it poorly.
Ashley’s Father: So this is her being nice?
Me: Actually, yes.


Buck said...

Ah... they grow up SO fast! I was looking at some pics of my GB Numbers One and Two the other day... from back in the day when they were your GB1's age. Cute lil things they were... and now both are Moms. Wha' happened?

Bag Blog said...

Buck, How can I be so young in mind? It is an odd feeling to see your kids and grandkids growing up.

Becky said...

She certainly is growing up! She's becoming quite the little lady.