Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Cat

We got a new addition to Lou’s Zoo – this little feisty, black and white kitten. It has no name yet, but it is one tough kitty so far. It spits and hisses at the dogs, but does not run. It lets the GGs wag it around fairly well. The GGs are not so good at holding the cat. The cat is not so good with its claws – kind of a catch 22. It is a very sociable cat always wanting to be with someone, but it plays rough – fighting and biting. Since it is just a little fur ball, it does not hurt anyone, but can be a pest. Jesse posted a photo of the cat too, plus there are some photos of the BBB.

My paint buddies are going to Medicine Park/Meers area today. We may choose to paint in the Wildlife refuge. It should be fun - a little plein aire is good for the artist. I will take pics.


Buck said...

The kitty looks none too pleased in the photo... or maybe that's just how cats are... I'm certainly no expert.

Enjoy the air today! You couldn't paint outside here today, not unless your canvas/easel was seriously weighted down. It's... ummm... breezy, to say the very least. As usual.

Becky said...

Oh a new kitten! How fun!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, notice GBN1's upper hand on the cat - a bit tight. And I actually caught the cat in mid-meow.

Becky, Yes, Booboo is always a good grandmother.

Fire Fox said...

These two just don't get any cuter!