Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plein Aire with the Art Buddies

Last Friday while we were having thunderstorms, Toby was trying to get info on the Byers Bike Bash, which could have been canceled due to the storms. He called one of the local bike shops that told him that the BBB would send out an email. Because we had changed Internet servers and were no longer with Hughes, we were not sure we would get the emails. It turns out that I am able to go to the HughesNet site and get to emails, which still come to the old address. This is great, but I don’t particularly want to keep going to Hughes to check my email. I found all sorts of emails from people whom I thought I had sent the new email address. If you are a person who emails me occasionally and have not made the switch, please do so. In the meantime, I will continue to check the Hughes address now and then.

Yesterday’s plein aire painting was wonderful. As usual, I had a great day with my painting buddies. We drove through the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and then over to Medicine Park for lunch. We took lots of photos for future paintings. Then we painted. We only had time to paint for about an hour, because we had done so much sightseeing. Lunch at the Riverside Cafe was a bit slow, but good. The day was perfect spring weather. Here is a photo of what I was painting. Here is my unfinished painting – as I said, we were only able to paint for an hour before we needed to pack up and head home (and make a few more shopping stops along the way).
Today Toby and I are headed to OK City to attend the Big 12 Conference baseball tournament. I am meeting Jo, blog buddy and fellow artist, and her husband at the UT game. I'm pretty psyched.


Mrs. Bear said...

Oh my gosh what fun the big 12 game!! I hope you have a blast!!! Loved the soft colors in the painting.

Buck said...

I'm glad the weather cooperated for ya yesterday and hope you get the same today for the game(s).

The river area is just beautiful!

Becky said...

Those are some beautiful photos! I'm glad you got the opportunity to go, and to share with us.

Enjoy the game!

Bag Blog said...

Buck, the weather was perfect yesterday too. The river is called Medicine Creek and the little town is made of round cobblestones. It is turning into a vacation spot. While we were there I talked to a man who was obivously a retired army officer (had a way about him). I would bet quite a bit of the area is retired military - you should see the motorhomes on Lake Latonka.

Anny, actually I have not finished the painting and was planning on getting darker :)

Thanks, Becky, it was fun.

Fire Fox said...

Medicine Creek sounds wonderful... Heads up Lou, I'm saving my do re mi for a trip out that way.... it may take me a year or so, but I got these dreams..... Grand Canyon, with stops in NM and OK! :) I love the start of your painting... especially the colors!

Jo Castillo said...

I like the painting, too. Great start and beautiful place. Wow.

The weather here in OKC has been wonderful this visit. I have seen art, baseball and YOU! How great is that? That was fun!!!

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Too bad you will be at the baseball games tomorrow - there is another bicycle ride in the area where, I painted on Wed. Hey maybe I would rather be watching baseball with you.